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“You’re going to love this.”
“I love this.”

Except she didn’t really love it.
She virtually loved it.
Or really loved the virtual.


What’s this staffy blithering on about?
Art, innit.
#Dreamkubrick @somersethouse.
There was a virtual reality bit to answer your question.
I think it was from ‘2001-A Space Odyssey’ but I could find a guidebook.


Still it was very, very good…
Look at this!

And this!

Profound too, innit.


5 Colin Stars.
£12.50 but you don’t at all mind.


Martin X

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“We don’t know what’s really out there.”

“Just more lonely stars I guess.”


A lot going on AND you have to keep a sticker on display @_thewhitechapel #electronicsuperhighway.

Some words: dead birds, karaoke, rude things, Facebook, searching for Colin Heinink, Kurt Schwitters, an eye, many many televisions and PacMan.

That covers it.

3 Colin Stars.


Martin x 


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“There are no rules in the flying competitions.”

Banned by the taliban, Afghans are now free to fly kites again.

And this is shown sumptuously in a lovely exhibition @museumchildhood.

“The sport has taken on the status of an art form.”

It was moving.



Now just 24 weeks, I want to take my boy kite flying one day.

I also want to show him all the lovely museums and galleries of London.

Colin x

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“I taste faint regret but know there’s no going back.”


Well I’ll be!

There’s a lot going on.

#jonrafman @zabludowicz_col

You can:

a) lie in a ball pit.

b) lie on a water bed.

c) sit in a cup board.

d) sit and watch films.

e) do a maze thing (if you’ve booked).

f) look at the art.

Some words: balls, art, computer games, nudity, gunk, bedrooms, crustaceans, ladies of ill repute, sculpture, hot, church.


>>Why are you here?

>>I came to retrace my steps.

I think it was about immersion in a virtual world or something.

I liked it.


Martin xx


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Things re funny.

The way they work out.

Il give u an example….


You know sometimes a man thinks he is going to run a book group on damon runyons guys and dolls now the man is not necessarilly wrong for thinking that he has the book and is at the place but then your man finds himself in your bfi watching movies about the advertising industry and he thinks well this may even actually be better not that he is thinking the book club would be bad but he is a man who can get easilly disappointed and this pains me so and sometimes it makes me feel a little crook so i cannot say i am not glad the man enjoyed the film


Im a clever staffy i can write like guys and dolls.


Bfi films are expensive but then sometimes they come neatly bookended by middle aged men telling u about them.


If youve got the money or if ur some kind of concession or if uv a nice friend to pay its a good way to watch a film. With the little introduction.

It makes u a bit more interested even if u hav the attention span of a 2013 person.



Harley xx



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To see a film.

In a different environment.

Is a great thing.

Eg remember when we saw oliver twist in the rain.

Well this was dry.

It was in Da Bethnal Green.

There were beanbags.

A confused man came in.

But other than that.

I had the remote control to a big screen.

It was very peaceful.

Details: @uniongallery #foxfur.

Oh it was short.

We like short.

We did concentrate for a whole hour though which is good in 2013.

I say concentrate because it was, like, not dark we tweeted how much we were concentrating and enjoying it.


Harley xx



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Aujourd hui nous regardons un film francais.

Les subtitres aussi en francais.

Pour learning francais.

Cest un film about un homme qui travailles dans une office.

La femme sorti le homme.

Aussi Le homme pretended to be une homosexuale pour garder son traivaille.

Im not sure how this worked im going to have to go on le wikipedia.

Gerard Depardieu!

Il adore le homme mais l'homme n'etais pas vraiment une homosexuale!

Le film fini apres une autre femme faire de la sexe avec l'homme qui n'etais pas gay.





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Here is a film review.

It was a premiere.

It was in london's fashionable wood green.

It was rosie sparks.

Now first we must set things straight.

We got very confused looking for the film on the internet.

There is another redhead* film kicking around called Ginger Rosa.

At one point in so much confusion we googled Rosa Parks.

“That's not right.”

#inaword close to home.

In some stars: 5.




*he's told me to tell u he likes redheads but i told him this is culture not internet dating.


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It was in a place called passing clouds…


There was a film about changing the world…

There was home made lemonade…


and revolution.



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Now time outs gone a bit rubbish your going to need and want me.

We went to the tate to see the turner prize entries.

We left our new card at home but they still let us in cos some people are nice arent they?

Paul Noble: some words: blobby, pencil, some words, big, houses, cool


Luke Fowler: little photos and a grim film about grim glasgow. Ho hum

Oo there were bean bags for sitting…

Elizabeth Price: some words: choir, choppy, the shaaaangriiii laaaaaas, diagrams

Spartacus Chetwynd: #inaword puppets.

That is all you need to know.


Harley xx



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