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“There are no rules in the flying competitions.”

Banned by the taliban, Afghans are now free to fly kites again.

And this is shown sumptuously in a lovely exhibition @museumchildhood.

“The sport has taken on the status of an art form.”

It was moving.



Now just 24 weeks, I want to take my boy kite flying one day.

I also want to show him all the lovely museums and galleries of London.

Colin x

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I like the tube strike.

Leave early.

Pay a cheque in or something.

Go to an ‘off west end’ gallery or something.

Perhaps that’s not the point.


First lets do the exhibition @_thewhitechapel that wasn’t so good…

Corin Sworn (good name)

Some words: big fat brown rod, decanters, mice, robes, fairy lights… You get the picture.

Sort of 3 Colin Starsish.

Now the really good one:

Rivane Neuenschwander.

Some words: Ebola, fear, clowns, guns, knives, thunder, God, fear, children’s clothes.

Sounds good, right?

5 Colin Stars.


Martin xx


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You can get lots of good ideas @woodcraftfolk.
And very few of them are to do with wood craft.


Some of them are to do with splattering paint.
A lot of them are to do with making a mess.
All of them are to do with being creative and letting children take the lead.
Martin xx

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Heres a great organisation.

Im not sure i can describe it better than them:




Ok il have a go.

Think of the scouts without the militaristic/religious bits.

Et voila!


Anyway children can be all sorts of things but most of all they can be very funny in ways adults cant.







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