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Here is a film review.

It was a premiere.

It was in london's fashionable wood green.

It was rosie sparks.

Now first we must set things straight.

We got very confused looking for the film on the internet.

There is another redhead* film kicking around called Ginger Rosa.

At one point in so much confusion we googled Rosa Parks.

“That's not right.”

#inaword close to home.

In some stars: 5.




*he's told me to tell u he likes redheads but i told him this is culture not internet dating.


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Sometimes a blog or a day starts out as one thing but turns into another.

So naturally there was a meetup. Knitting. Noone home.

So clearly then there was a cafe and some irritatedness.

So then there was a museum (Cuming… Not, disappointingly about the scottish sometime gay star of 90s BBC xmas flick and Heinink staple 'Bernard and the Genie.')

Worth a look. Old shit. Dickens. Hes everywhere. Like Trinidad and Korea. Free.

But dont go to south london on purpose.

So then there was a gallery. Peter Blake at the Fine Art Society. Good to have a curator for art or life. He knows his onions. Nice to have fine art and modern art together. Great. Free.

He's a bit everywhere too. He's 80 or something.

Yes, there were boobs.

So then an evening activity. Or the first one.

We wanted to go on about 'Laughter Yoga' again.

About the importance of play and how the Southbank looks like a grownups playground with wheels, fairs, arts, bright colours and…talking wooden boxes.

But then we saw a film. 'The Imposter.'

Which twisted and turned all over the place.

Like a day. Like a relationship.

It was short too. We like short.



Theres someone sodcasting #onthistrain. Sub human scum.


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I would like…

If i may…

To give u a history lesson…

3D is an interesting thing. A tech thats come in fits and starts over the decades.

You can read about it here.

I think its post-2003 revival (oh yes) really works best in IMAX.

Now it is partly because his lordship is a speccy 6 eyes that he finds it a bit uncomfy.

And because he's a natural rebel… He took them off for quite a bit.

See spidey was cool anyway. It added something. But not much.

Its a good film.

Its all there.

Hot yoofs snogging and saving the world.

Be still my beating heart,




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Ooooooooo. Actually the Woman in Black is a very funny film to watch with a lot of people.

I would particularly recommend watching it in @cineworld #woodgreen.

People were calling out and talking to each other. It was quite special.

First a mans phone went off and he said “so sorry” very loud then someone called out “it’s okay” and then the man said “am I forgiven” and we all went “yes.”

It was interactive. You had to be there.

Anyway the film…

Harry potter is great at looking shit scared yet determined but the unsung heros are the supporting cast of dogs. One in a heroic lassieesque role and a couple as freaky child substitute…

Beautifully played.

It was funny again when someone called out at the end “oh… Thank god for that.”

No, it is scary, honest, Colin still hasn’t come out from behind his hands…



 cineworld wood green

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