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“You’re going to love this.”
“I love this.”

Except she didn’t really love it.
She virtually loved it.
Or really loved the virtual.


What’s this staffy blithering on about?
Art, innit.
#Dreamkubrick @somersethouse.
There was a virtual reality bit to answer your question.
I think it was from ‘2001-A Space Odyssey’ but I could find a guidebook.


Still it was very, very good…
Look at this!

And this!

Profound too, innit.


5 Colin Stars.
£12.50 but you don’t at all mind.


Martin X

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Baby sometimes disturbs my afternoon dognaps (he’s a lot more demanding than me) so I sashayed over to @tate modern for #monahatoum.

“I want the work in the first instance to have a strong formal presence and through the physical experience to activate a psychological and emotional response.”

Don’t we all, love.

There was a cheese grater turned into a bed which I thought was a clever idea.

Reminded me a lot of the old nail iron of Man Ray.

“A world characterised by conflicts and contradictions.”

You’re telling me.

But Staffies are lovers not fighters.

5 Colin Stars.

I really liked it.


Martin x

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I looked into the bottomless pit.
I looked through Facebook.
A sense of self is fabricated via a supply chain of objects, ideas and experiences.
It’s just us… our perseverating embrace… I think I prefer it that way.
Ceaselessly circulating.
Ceaselessly stimulating.
David’s proposal was to make a work on how America broke his heart.
I didn’t do anything because I was scared.
There was, like, crying.
Yes, I feel you baby.
I wish it was different.
I had to take my shoes off.

(Some words).




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I was caught in a synaptic circus this Sunday afternoon.


Rose English @camdenartsctr.


It was also dark and I didn’t realise there were seats for a while and when I did I was pleased because my absolute favourite thing is sitting down.


Some words: darkness, synaptic circus, chairs, glass, sopranos, filigree, it’s a balancing act, blowing, shattering, flying.


Not sure I understood it but I liked it.

5 Colin Stars.

You should go.

Except you can’t coz it finishes today.

Oh well, eh?



Martin x


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I like art when it’s on the button.

Like ‘Big Data’ at Somerset House and this…

‘Use, user, used’ @zabludowicz_col.


Cutting into 24 hour work culture through…

…some words:

cats, boxes, heads, wonderlands, graphics, screens, dancers (we thought they were just people there), wrecks, coats, hammers, sickles and Britney

Just what we’ve always wanted.

Chill people.


Martin x


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“I taste faint regret but know there’s no going back.”


Well I’ll be!

There’s a lot going on.

#jonrafman @zabludowicz_col

You can:

a) lie in a ball pit.

b) lie on a water bed.

c) sit in a cup board.

d) sit and watch films.

e) do a maze thing (if you’ve booked).

f) look at the art.

Some words: balls, art, computer games, nudity, gunk, bedrooms, crustaceans, ladies of ill repute, sculpture, hot, church.


>>Why are you here?

>>I came to retrace my steps.

I think it was about immersion in a virtual world or something.

I liked it.


Martin xx


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So what do you think of this?

Load of old balls?

#supersymmetry @ a car park in soho.

Some words: no lift.


Martin xx

PS it’s something to do with molecules ok? Google it if you’re that interested.

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What’s this then, eh?


What do you think?

It’s art.

I think I like it.

Don’t know why.

I also think it’s nice to go to a little road in Bethnal Green where there are four cool free gallery’s.

Herald street, innit.

Just check they’re open or you’ll just have to buy donuts from the sainsburys local to ensure its not a wasted trip.


Martin x

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Thank god for the Saatchi Gallery.
It decided to be open.
So I can get my culture.
It is pop art.
Is is from East and West.
It is good.
Some words: bunnies, Lenin, rudeness, toilets, Jesus, Mc Donald’s, shapes, Islam.
The holidays are over now.


Martin x


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They’ve created some outside inside at the gallery daddy helps in…

@perpendicular14 @thestonespace

As life gets xmassy busy it’s good to have some space..







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