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“I don’t have a philosophy. I have a camera.”

Saul Leiter.


We learnt lots @tpgallery #photographersgallery.

We learnt about Saul Leiter and his everyday photos of NYC.

“Souvenirs of an unfinished world.”

We learnt about the Easter Rising.

And we learnt about pre revolutionary Uruguay.

Stay with us.

Some old slide projectors.

Stay with us.

Depicting scenes from the period.

Stay with us.

When you pressed a red button.

To the sound of a music box rendition of the Communist Internationale.

Look it was haunting alright?

A picture tells… Blah, Blah, Blah.

5 Colin Stars.


Martin x   


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There was a lot going on #champagnelife @saatchi_gallery.


Some words: Goats, Minnie Mouse, Sweden, the elderly, cows, body builders, terrorists, pots and pans, dead horses, undead people and a cockatoo.


I mean, that’s essentially it but you should still go because it’s very good.


Especially the huge pictures of the old ladies.


‘An emptying of images of all meaning.’

Or a ‘powerful statement about our contemporary image culture.’

Nicked that from the guide book. 

4 Colin Stars


Martin x


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“We don’t know what’s really out there.”

“Just more lonely stars I guess.”


A lot going on AND you have to keep a sticker on display @_thewhitechapel #electronicsuperhighway.

Some words: dead birds, karaoke, rude things, Facebook, searching for Colin Heinink, Kurt Schwitters, an eye, many many televisions and PacMan.

That covers it.

3 Colin Stars.


Martin x 


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Was going to blog about this earlier, but, you know… Been tired and stuff.


Bloomin stuff.


Sonia Delaunay @tate modern.

Some words: faces, expressions, colours, shapes, patterns, movements, dancers, conveyor belts, love.

I also learnt what a gouache was on Wikipedia as I went round.

No, I’m not going to tell.

Go tho. It’s probably the best art.

We liked it a lot.

5 Colin stars.


Martin xx 


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What’s this then, eh?


What do you think?

It’s art.

I think I like it.

Don’t know why.

I also think it’s nice to go to a little road in Bethnal Green where there are four cool free gallery’s.

Herald street, innit.

Just check they’re open or you’ll just have to buy donuts from the sainsburys local to ensure its not a wasted trip.


Martin x

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When its bed time you need a story right?

When all else fails…….

Audiobooks rock.

Podcasts rock.

Many are free.

We like free.


Theres a time and a place.


In the daytime you need eye candy right?

Ok perhaps when its bed time too but.

When all else fails…

Theres some high quality eye candy @the_whitechapel.

Mel Bochner.

Some words: words, colours.

Drift away…





Ps i think i might hav done a post like this b4 but im right and its xmas and im tired. Its vintage think of it like vintage.




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