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“Dad! Dad! Im at this exhibition right. Yeah, Norwich. It says…”

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“Yeah, yeah. I know, but apparently… guess what? It didn’t used to be that way! Yeah and people were, like, okay and everything!”

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“It’s called Visible Girls Revisited. At the Norwich Arts Centre. In 1981 a lady called Anita Corbin took wonderful photos of women from counter cultures… Yes I know those are big words for a 1 year old. She then recently tried to track them down on Facebook and things. No, no the photos were unedited. And they didn’t have social media then.”

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“Yeah, alot of that I didn’t get… but I think we’re meant to think about things.”

5 Eli Stars.

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Eat a chuffing piece of shortbread and shhhhh!

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“The government announced in October that it will no longer be capping housing benefit for supported housing. This is a big win for Rethink Mental Illness.”

It was an exhibition at The Forum in Norwich. All the art was by people who had suffered from mental health difficulties.

IMG 0938

Eli did stop yelling randomly to say he liked the “dog.” Because he can say it.
Alyssa liked the fox.
Colin yelled out randomly to say he liked this one:

IMG 0998

We all loved the story.

“Thanks to thousands of campaigners campaigning with us on PIP the government have announced that they will not be challenging a court ruling from December which stated that last year’s changes to PIP were ‘blatantly discriminatory’ towards people with mental illness.”

Battles fought and won. Battles ongoing.


Martin x

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I can imagine, as Rembrandt was sitting at his easel in the 17th century… he was thinking:
“One day they’ll reproduce this scene in a provincial castle-come-gallery in 21st Century England so people can dress their tired/uncooperative babies up as me to share on their computers.”
And some of their dads will enjoy it too.

Sometimes things for the last hour are only 2 pounds or something coz you don’t get long. 

Long enough with a screaming baby.

5 Colin Stars,


Martin xx

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Strolled to an urban centre for some regional culture and regional gins.


“21st century humanity feels adrift in a sea of lies, deception and falsity.”


Seems Scrabble is the answer. 

I always knew it.

The excellent #nickwarbuton @norwichartscentr.

There was also mustard seeds in a frame…

I know!

And a celebrity breath auction.

I know!


The regional gins were lovely.


Martin x

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Quantum Physics says I can be in two places at the same time.
Kennel’s in Norfolk/gallery in the Alps.
Google it.


So we went to this gallery.
In the Alps.
Here is some of the art:

What’s all that about?
Human condition innit.

Endlessly changing.

The stones are sort of a zen garden and sort of about erosion.

So the man gave us a rock and told us to engrave love or something on it.
We used a biro.
And anyway eroding love seemed a bit sad so we chose something that was kind of sad in the passing but also optimistic as changing into something new.

We then had to put the stone in a stream and the artist is going to make a map on social media or something.



Martin x

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gerund or present participle: pottering
occupy oneself in a desultory but pleasant way.

“I’m quite happy just to potter about by myself here”


But it’s not without its hazards round these parts.

You might stumble into a cream tea, catch crabs or fall head first into a community lifeboat museum.


He was quite a guy Henry Blogg.

Particularly good at taming the Devil’s Throat.

Come again?

That’s Cromer. Treacherous waters and hundreds of rescue missions from “the greatest of all lifeboatmen.”

“He was awarded the gold medal of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution three times and the silver medal four times, the George Cross, the British Empire Medal, and a series of other awards.”

But he was also beautifully modest.

He wouldn’t have, for example, written a blog.

I’m sorry.

Maybe his dog??


Martin x

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You’ve had a cup of tea, entertained the baby, watched Andrew Marr…What’s a boy to do with a head full of dreams…
That’s right!
A raft race!!
London Schmondon.


Trouble was. It was too good.
“I was hoping for a few bruises,” bemoaned the tannoy man.
No boats disintegrated and only one rather half hearted overboard.
Oh well… a local publican in a Hawaiian skirt beats another 2 hours of wingeing to the telly about Brexit.


Coming up in the Sheringham Carnival…

“Buxom beasties on the steam train.”

Once your tired of L…

Shut up Samuel Johnson.


Martin xx

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Sunset and evening star,
And one clear call for me!

“I like to think of him whizzing around the Pyrenees on a motorbike.”

And may there be no moaning of the bar,
When I put out to sea,

“He was in that film with Charlton Heston. For a second.”

But such a tide as moving seems asleep,
Too full for sound and foam,

“He was a master of the invective form… okay, sometimes a bit cantankerous.”

When that which drew from out the boundless deep
Turns again home.

“He was a Marxist and I a Tory. We had some great debates. But always friendly.”

Twilight and evening bell,
And after that the dark.

“I’m his sister. I didn’t know him. But I remember funny poems when I was 9 or 10.”

And may there be no sadness or farewell,
When I embark;

“He was just a really good companion. A companion, that’s it.”

“For tho’ from out bourne of Time and Place
The flood may bear me far,
I hope to see my Pilot face to face
When I have crossed the bar.

It was very sad because I had to leave him.”


When you got to these little places they usually have a lovely museum to understand more about the place.


IMG 1101


We fell in love with our new home all over again.

There were all these jumpers that the fishermen wore called ganseys which were also popular in Holland.

We’re an 8th Dutch.

The hands…


Or you could just go for a nice walk.

IMG 1590

Or both.


Martin xx

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“They lived in squares and loved in triangles.”


Like me with the local Norfolk bitches.


#queerbritishart @tate.




“Erlands firm grip on the guns barrel seems suggestive.”


Perhaps he was just worried it might ‘go off.’




“He wrestled with the competing impulses of figuration and abstraction.”


I wrestle with whether to poop inside or outside.




“References to death and it’s peace can be disrupted by undercurrents of desire.”


We’ve all been there.




“He gravitated to London where he began the visceral exploration of the human figure.”


But now we’ve moved to the seaside.


3 Colin Stars,




Martin x


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