Tauba Auerbach


They say:


“The mathematic study of connectedness in shapes and spaces”

I say: squiggly lines

“The new ambidextrous universe”

I’m told.

You then have to be a bit tired and go up some stairs for…

David Billiard: the yes no quality of dreams

The look of love or something.

It’s good it’s like Somerset house

Multiple exhibitions

Back down for

Hito steyerl

Feminism and militarisation

I’m thinking hmm

Then it turns out…

It’s really good

A video about water, money and social media

Or tho I may have got it wrong

Just a little staffy from Essex

4 stars


Martin x

 At least stars burn out brightly


You should go to the ww1 portraits exhibition at the national portrait gallery.
The diversity of representations is very interesting.

And it’s free.


Martin x


At least stars burn out brightly


I think she’d ‘been on a journey’ this model. Possibly one of corruption. I think we were invited to go too.

I think it was to do with poor people in Japan stitching things together which ‘happened to look arty.’ I think we were invited to see beauty in the hardest of circumstances.

I think they wanted us to take an ‘opportunity to move to a place beyond cliche.’ Iran.

All in one afternoon.



Martin x

At least stars burn out brightly


Today I have been to #ruinlust @tate and the park.
 Spoilt staffy.
 Martin x

 At least stars burn out brightly


Apart from maybe Love things and possibly Alcohol…
 What’s better than community singing?
 Martin x

 At least stars burn out brightly


Things that are free:
1) The Tate
2) Love
3) Volunteering
4) …nature…
5) Um…
6) Er…
Martin x


Tucked away in Bermondsey.
 Tucked away in a market.
 Tucked away in a knick knack store.
 Music happens.
 Dancing happens.
 And then photography happens.
 And maybe love happens…
 I don’t kno I’m a soppy staffy.
 Martin x

 At least stars burn out brightly


It’s great the world we live in because if u are
 A) Busy B) Tired C) Sad
 And can’t go Out.
 There is the internet. Which is the whole world.
 Which helps you if you are in a bad way with
 A) Money Pain B) Work Pain C) Boy/Girl Pain.
 Only trouble is.
 It is also full of people who may be
 D) All of the above.
 So not always uplifting. Sometimes horrid.
 Which may just give you the push to go
 Martin x

 At least stars burn out brightly


Iv had a bit of hiatus… Only hurts when I laugh.


Anyway, iv been moving house and culture had to take a back seat. It still had a seat but it was more a small wicker stool in the corner rather than plush, expansive leather 3 piece.

Iv been very busy directing Colin and Alyssa as to where to put things.
That and soiling the new kitchen’s floor.
Thankfully tiled.


I went to the wellcome collection today… an exhibition called foreign bodies.

They say: “A series of moving, challenging and humorous works, richly varied in form and tone.”

I say: meat, Africa, light, him dressing up like a prune, illness and children.

Don’t argue, it’s free


5 Martin Stars.


Martin x


At least stars burn out brightly


Harley has blogged about the loveliness of this before but I thought I would reiterate the fact that #bookbreak is definately the nicest thing in London and simultaneously the best therapy for life.
 ”Can’t repeat the past!” He said incredulously. “Why of course you can.
 I am going to fix everything.”
 We read The Great Gatsby, tried to work out the meaning and it was extremely pleasurable.
 There was tea and biscuits and then a poem.
 ”And what if
 In your dream
 You went to heaven
 And there plucked a strange and beautiful flower
 And what if
 When you awoke
 You had that flower in your hand
 Ah, what then.”
 Martin x

At least stars burn out brightly