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“There are no rules in the flying competitions.”

Banned by the taliban, Afghans are now free to fly kites again.

And this is shown sumptuously in a lovely exhibition @museumchildhood.

“The sport has taken on the status of an art form.”

It was moving.



Now just 24 weeks, I want to take my boy kite flying one day.

I also want to show him all the lovely museums and galleries of London.

Colin x

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What’s this then?



A pile of old bricks?

No silly, it’s a modulation of space in relation to your own body.


There is a lot of stuff @_thewhitechapel #londonopen2015.

Some words: bricks, nudity, pottery, mud, lovely water colours, feelings, neon, stones.


Martin x 


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Er um er I think I see.

#christopherwilliams #theproductionlineofhappiness @_thewhitechapel


Some words: plyboard, exposed sockets, vertical unfinished paint stripes, metal tubing frames, sellotape…

….this was just the gallery…

…or was it??

I need things explaining.

I’m just a dog.

There was also a rude one if that’s your cup of tea.


Also – a cross continental art show, nature, a children’s protest.

I need to lie down now.


Martin xx


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What’s this then, eh?


What do you think?

It’s art.

I think I like it.

Don’t know why.

I also think it’s nice to go to a little road in Bethnal Green where there are four cool free gallery’s.

Herald street, innit.

Just check they’re open or you’ll just have to buy donuts from the sainsburys local to ensure its not a wasted trip.


Martin x

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They’ve created some outside inside at the gallery daddy helps in…

@perpendicular14 @thestonespace

As life gets xmassy busy it’s good to have some space..







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I can do restaurant reviews.
I can.


A nice thing to do is go out to eat.

We went out to eat at Panda Dim Sum in Leytonstone.

It is not dim sum made of pandas.

It is hot.

The food is spicy and hot and the place gets steamy.

The food is delicious.

You bring your own wine.


You must not do your business on the floor when you get home.


Martin x


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Just thought id tell you about a great exhibition at the Museum of Childhood.
It’s called Red Balloon 87.
It’s an orphan boy with a red balloon in Ukraine in a series of photos of derelict places.
It’s free and…
Its, like, emotional.


Martin x

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This is quite a good museum.
You’ll remember daddy read Pam Ayres love poetry here to no avail.
William Morris Museum.
It is free.
It is floral.
It is fabricy.
But theres quite a lot to see and cool interactive maps and things for children/colins with short attention spans.
Obviously if your not in the finery of North East London this will be of precisely no interest to you.
Just enjoy the sheer beauty of my prose.


Harley xx

Image 13-04-2013 at 22.36

PS Oh I forgot why we went… i was distracted by pretty fabrics and making poor jokes. David Bailey exhibition. The sixties came alive again or something. Yes, very good.

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To see a film.

In a different environment.

Is a great thing.

Eg remember when we saw oliver twist in the rain.

Well this was dry.

It was in Da Bethnal Green.

There were beanbags.

A confused man came in.

But other than that.

I had the remote control to a big screen.

It was very peaceful.

Details: @uniongallery #foxfur.

Oh it was short.

We like short.

We did concentrate for a whole hour though which is good in 2013.

I say concentrate because it was, like, not dark we tweeted how much we were concentrating and enjoying it.


Harley xx



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Now our natural inclination @thedogwhatblogs in to be glib, sarcy and ironic to a point where its not funny.


Not today.

Obviously we always bang on about galleries.

But this is a bit different…

a bit more…

In the wondrous @thestonespace leytonstone there are artists in residence working away and u can watch.

Sometimes the boy wonder is there too.

Don't watch him.

All he does is blog.

Just go.


And then you toddle up the road to watch a panto.

Hear 'I wish it could be xmas everyday' for two more weeks…

And laugh your head off.

East, east, east london as they say at leyton orient…

Oo u could go there too and make a whole damn day of it…


Harley xx




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