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IMG 0968

“Dad! Dad! Im at this exhibition right. Yeah, Norwich. It says…”

IMG 0979

“Yeah, yeah. I know, but apparently… guess what? It didn’t used to be that way! Yeah and people were, like, okay and everything!”

IMG 0960

“It’s called Visible Girls Revisited. At the Norwich Arts Centre. In 1981 a lady called Anita Corbin took wonderful photos of women from counter cultures… Yes I know those are big words for a 1 year old. She then recently tried to track them down on Facebook and things. No, no the photos were unedited. And they didn’t have social media then.”

IMG 0980

“Yeah, alot of that I didn’t get… but I think we’re meant to think about things.”

5 Eli Stars.

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Strolled to an urban centre for some regional culture and regional gins.


“21st century humanity feels adrift in a sea of lies, deception and falsity.”


Seems Scrabble is the answer. 

I always knew it.

The excellent #nickwarbuton @norwichartscentr.

There was also mustard seeds in a frame…

I know!

And a celebrity breath auction.

I know!


The regional gins were lovely.


Martin x

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#tillmans @Tate.

Some words: meat, flies, privates, necks, moss, drains, the reemergence of activism, the ocean, draughts, shrewd observations about contemporary world views, hair, weapons of mass destruction, photocopiers and a toucan.

That’s about the gist of it.

3 Colin Stars,


Martin xx

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Had to queue up with the plebs it was so busy.

Blooming joke.

They should have put a sign up.

A lady was becoming flustered.

#Hockney @tate.


Some of it I liked. Some of it I didn’t.

Some words: Splash, bottoms, parents, iPads, Yorkshire.

I liked the ones where he coloured them properly in but not the ones where he coloured them in too much.

Thats the tension inherent in Modern Art.

3 Colin Stars,


Martin x

IMG 8082

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“We possess an extraordinary instrument for reproduction. But photography is much more than that.” #Maholy-Nagy


You need to make the most of blogs about pictures that don’t look like what they’re meant to be because soon I’ll be reviewing beaches and tea houses in the sticks.


Some words: black, white, men, women, masks, poverty, Elton John, shadows, eyes, tears, marbles, eye cubes, rice.

It’s that kind of staffy insight you’re going to miss.


Martin x

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Some words: paint, nudity, Japan, oranges, cross dressing, Instagram, school children, mail order brides, masks, feminism, a tree, a leap into the unknown.

“It wasn’t purely documentation; it was about figuration in painting. I would photograph a performance and I was really into looking at the images.”

@tate modern.


“A game between I am me.”

Duchamp, innit.

4 Colin Stars.


Martin x



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“I don’t have a philosophy. I have a camera.”

Saul Leiter.


We learnt lots @tpgallery #photographersgallery.

We learnt about Saul Leiter and his everyday photos of NYC.

“Souvenirs of an unfinished world.”

We learnt about the Easter Rising.

And we learnt about pre revolutionary Uruguay.

Stay with us.

Some old slide projectors.

Stay with us.

Depicting scenes from the period.

Stay with us.

When you pressed a red button.

To the sound of a music box rendition of the Communist Internationale.

Look it was haunting alright?

A picture tells… Blah, Blah, Blah.

5 Colin Stars.


Martin x   


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“There are no rules in the flying competitions.”

Banned by the taliban, Afghans are now free to fly kites again.

And this is shown sumptuously in a lovely exhibition @museumchildhood.

“The sport has taken on the status of an art form.”

It was moving.



Now just 24 weeks, I want to take my boy kite flying one day.

I also want to show him all the lovely museums and galleries of London.

Colin x

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This is interesting.


Where will it all end?


Plus: Free before midday.


Martin xx

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#hannahcollins @camdenartsctr

Some of their words:

“Clear ground, bare clothes. Things covered and emptied. Dry tongues heavy shells empty limbs warm skin.”

Okay that’s all well and good but…

Some of my words:

“Overlapping paper, enormous, black, white, inside, outside, lost, found, immersive, derelict, mattresses, bits, bobs.”

See I’m a poet.


Martin xx


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