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I was caught in a synaptic circus this Sunday afternoon.


Rose English @camdenartsctr.


It was also dark and I didn’t realise there were seats for a while and when I did I was pleased because my absolute favourite thing is sitting down.


Some words: darkness, synaptic circus, chairs, glass, sopranos, filigree, it’s a balancing act, blowing, shattering, flying.


Not sure I understood it but I liked it.

5 Colin Stars.

You should go.

Except you can’t coz it finishes today.

Oh well, eh?



Martin x


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Art is good.

Music is good.

So, get this, @strandgallery.

You can have both.

Suede. The Wild Ones.

There blurry type photos.

But they do, like he says, capture the intrinsic abandon.

Pop in.

10 minutes will do you then you can go some where else.


Martin x


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Il be honest…

Classical music.

I thought…

Not my cup of tea.

But it can be quite rock and roll.

So while Colin may like a bit of studiedeyesclosedgentleheadbobbingandsmiling

I like to bang heads.

But actually if u get the right gig…

(Northern sinfonia at the sparkly new milton court @barbicancentre)

There can be electricity.

With two soloists (violin and viola)

A boy and a girl

Theres practically sparring.

Or maybe kissing.


Nuff said,


Martin x



Coming up… Paul Klee @tate…


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Now this is more my sort of thing.

Rock and roll.

Especially free rock and roll.

Was in a boozer in Shoreditch.

I donned my porkpie hat. Got myself a pint.

Bedded in.

Now they werent famous. But i like to see whats up and coming now iv got this blog.

Something to do anyway.


Martin x



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Now time outs gone a bit rubbish your going to need and want me.

We went to the tate to see the turner prize entries.

We left our new card at home but they still let us in cos some people are nice arent they?

Paul Noble: some words: blobby, pencil, some words, big, houses, cool


Luke Fowler: little photos and a grim film about grim glasgow. Ho hum

Oo there were bean bags for sitting…

Elizabeth Price: some words: choir, choppy, the shaaaangriiii laaaaaas, diagrams

Spartacus Chetwynd: #inaword puppets.

That is all you need to know.


Harley xx



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We went to a frank bowling exhibition b4? Do u remember? Twas in Shoreditch.

We were amusing if nonplussed.

You can relive those dizzy highs here…


First time we are self referencial.

The dog what blogs gold.

We’re joining the splodges.

We quite enjoyed it this time @tate.

Mainly cos it was quiet.


Revisit migrations: some words: im trying to remember if their were boobs…

Revisit another london: some words: im trying to remember if there was cock…



Here is the new best film ever.

Searching for Sugerman.

We like films about music, photos about music or tv about art.

Joining the splodges,

This was a fairy story that had it all.

And it was only 82 minutes.






Maybe mate but you look fat…

“Its the way im standing” he says…




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I think it was Colin Heinink… or was it EF Schumacher… (someone like that anyway) who said those famous words.

Its certainly true as both a model  for arts and ents funding and for feeling wholesome and involved.

We angel invested in our favourite band.

But all sorts of sites let you invest in all sorts of things.

The speaker at scanners night used…

unbound to fund his book.

There is loads tho…

kickstarter :general

music: pledgemusic, bandcamp and recently


Have a play,



Gratuitous @mylifestoryuk shot? Sod it we own em (ish… a small bit)


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Today I went to church.
It was the ‘launch night’ of the Alpha Course.
It lets people explore the big questions of life with canapes and champagne.
You have a meal so people make friends, then have a talk, then break into small groups to discuss.
At one point @albiestar used the word razzamatazz which was enjoyable.
Anyway you dont have to be a christian although most are.
Sometimes you just want a bit of stone walls, morals and dusty robes with your religion but if you’re going to reach out to a wider audience then I guess a bit of Lady Gaga with those morals can’t be a bad thing.




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People from all over the world are requesting blog posts now…. It’s all jolly exciting.

After having what is in common parlance known as ‘a day of it’ @albiestar and I dragged our feet/paws* onto the tube to listen to the awesome BBC symphony orchestra at the wonderful barbican in the hope of calming the stresses….

Word to the wise classical music newbees/blogging canine fans…

Try to choose compositions appropriate to your mood… Sibelius a minor was rather stressfull, Prokoviev’s Piano Concerto in d flat major frantic and Stravinsky’s Petruska tormented.

That’s exactly how we felt,



Ps *always carry dogs on escalators


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