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Had to queue up with the plebs it was so busy.

Blooming joke.

They should have put a sign up.

A lady was becoming flustered.

#Hockney @tate.


Some of it I liked. Some of it I didn’t.

Some words: Splash, bottoms, parents, iPads, Yorkshire.

I liked the ones where he coloured them properly in but not the ones where he coloured them in too much.

Thats the tension inherent in Modern Art.

3 Colin Stars,


Martin x

IMG 8082

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“You’re going to love this.”
“I love this.”

Except she didn’t really love it.
She virtually loved it.
Or really loved the virtual.


What’s this staffy blithering on about?
Art, innit.
#Dreamkubrick @somersethouse.
There was a virtual reality bit to answer your question.
I think it was from ‘2001-A Space Odyssey’ but I could find a guidebook.


Still it was very, very good…
Look at this!

And this!

Profound too, innit.


5 Colin Stars.
£12.50 but you don’t at all mind.


Martin X

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Was going to blog about this earlier, but, you know… Been tired and stuff.


Bloomin stuff.


Sonia Delaunay @tate modern.

Some words: faces, expressions, colours, shapes, patterns, movements, dancers, conveyor belts, love.

I also learnt what a gouache was on Wikipedia as I went round.

No, I’m not going to tell.

Go tho. It’s probably the best art.

We liked it a lot.

5 Colin stars.


Martin xx 


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“Painters may use photography but a photograph often still wants to be a painting.”


#marlenedumas @tate


Some words: horror, anonymity, nudity, an Alsatian, princess Diana, terror, eyes, poetry


‘Waiting (for meaning).’


Martin x


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“Oo we get to go underground’!”

Words to that effect.


Its basically the bum of Somerset House and its got some pots in.

Big pots, mind.

But still just pots.

It was cool being underground tho.

Oh coffins too.


Upstairs is a war painter thats actually good and then theres Isabella Blow who’s name makes me laugh for some reason but costs 12 pounds so we @thedogwhatblogs couldn’t be bothered.


Martin x

#london #londonpop #london_only #igerslondon #click_london

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Sometimes an exhibition ticks a lot of boxes for a person.

Duchamp @barbicancentre. Muddy from dogs.

Heres pretension…

Whats interesting about this particular one is that its all really about the interconnectivety of duchamp and these people he influenced and how thy kind of fed off each other.

And played chess.

Some words: boxes, wheels, urinals, nude (descending a staircase), sub cubist boobs etc, pianos, chess, musical boxes, there, not there,



An absence that makes things more complete.


Harley xx



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Doggy let me do this too…


Tate modern blackouts, little sun, olafur eliasson, poetry and dream.

Solar powered surrealism.*

I liked it best cos you could chat people up asking for their light.

Almost like smoking cool but without the cancer.

Other people seemed “oo its dark” happy but I dont think other people were enjoying it q as much as me.

I was getting in a pickle trying to take shadow pix.

But loving it.

Theyre on the wondrous instagram which has been a life saver.

Now @thedogwhatblogs holds the purse strings…

Notionally free but u had to buy the little lamp for the equivalent of three trips to Haringey Borough FC.

But it beats taking pix of old men.




I wanted her on the left slightly…

*he asked me to provide more detail. Its like a torch round ur neck right and they turned the lights off in the gallery. Jeesh.


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I like to think of myself as the new samuel pepys.


Today we took advantage of the courtauld gallery's monday free time 10-2.


We like free.

Also there was a brief talk.

We like talks.

We like brief.

Go when theres a talk its much better.

Lots of old pix and the drawing exhibition is mildly interesting for 15 minutes.

You get your moneys worth anyway.

You can combine it with an awesome rolling stones exhibition too.

Or origami if youre inclined like the boy wonder @albiestar.


Why not,






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Fuck newsnight review.

Fuck radio 4.

Fuck time out.*

This is the essential review of Edvard Munch @tate.

First we want to say how much we enjoy just saying his name.

Have a try now.

So what have we got?

Some words: kisses, melty, vampires, many many boobs, staring, bad instagram photos, insanity, arrogance, death, illness, ghosty, starry night, pissed up brawl with a mate, cine films, the averted eye, no cock and compulsion.

I think that covers it.



PS Youve waited all day for that review

*We modelled the opening on Hugh Grant in ‘Four Weddings’ #fyi

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