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Some words:

Kissing on the lips

My whole life depends on you now


The agony of waiting

Don’t lean back that way you might fall

My fathers death


I was going to ask her to marry me

Happiness means being close to the one you love that’s all

A scooter

A croissant

A police car

A parrot

A high heeled shoe


Let me explain.


The Museum of Innocence @somersethouse is a series of labelled cabinets containing objects relating to a fictional story of a fictional relationship.


When I put it like that.


“If the line that joins moments together creates time then the line that joins objects creates stories.”

They put it like that.

It’s really good.

5 Colin Stars.


Martin X


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Things re funny.

The way they work out.

Il give u an example….


You know sometimes a man thinks he is going to run a book group on damon runyons guys and dolls now the man is not necessarilly wrong for thinking that he has the book and is at the place but then your man finds himself in your bfi watching movies about the advertising industry and he thinks well this may even actually be better not that he is thinking the book club would be bad but he is a man who can get easilly disappointed and this pains me so and sometimes it makes me feel a little crook so i cannot say i am not glad the man enjoyed the film


Im a clever staffy i can write like guys and dolls.


Bfi films are expensive but then sometimes they come neatly bookended by middle aged men telling u about them.


If youve got the money or if ur some kind of concession or if uv a nice friend to pay its a good way to watch a film. With the little introduction.

It makes u a bit more interested even if u hav the attention span of a 2013 person.



Harley xx



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Heres another little something.

UCL has little fantastic museums.

We are collecting the set.

See! We dont just glibly go on about modern art and being sad and penniless.

We glibly go on about museums and being sad and penniless.

Oo thats a good link.

At the UCL Art Gallery there was a cabinet on our favourite George Orwell.

Down and Out in Paris and London.

It had old books. Like a British Library exhibition but shorter and freer.

We think thats always better.

It had some other interesting cabinets and a display all about londontown from contemporary artists.

Fascinating skyscrapers based on the three little pigs.

There is also a japaneseish garden for sunning. We like japan and sun and peace.






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The @BritishLibrary.

Fuck iv got a lot of books to read.

And im still struggling with my “Who’s who in the archers.”

Chilled coffeey wifiiiy free laptop parking space.

With similar if you sit with a Write Together @meetup.

Theyre everywhere… Like dr dre headphones or collapsing european economies…

Then, should you fancy, potter down to the ‘Writing Britain’ exhibition.

They say: “Novels, poetry and plays can shape our perceptions and transform our places through imagination.”

Time out says: “…” Similar.

We @thedogwhatblogs say: “A tenner is a lot for an excuse for them to get their dusty books out.” It is interesting and there are headphones and videos. Go if your a concession…

I tried to pretend I was a guide dog declaring: “The boy wonder @albiestar is blind to all reason” but they weren’t impressed.

Their loss.







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Today me and the boy wonder drifted through our fine capital on a tidal wave of cruxifying depression.

First we drifted to books for free.

Books are normally calming. Free is normally calming.

We needed more calming.

On the way home our cruxifying depression wave came to rest at the shores (this metaphore has no future) of the Haunch of Venison.

It used to be in that wondrous place off regent st but now its a bit less glam on New Bond St.

But still wondrous for the soul.

The boy wonder basically likes big colourful shapes and that is what he got.

Listen to this! Its interesting… You know fontana guides? To artists, philosophers and what not… Well… Some were not published and Jamie Shovlin has created covers for them using a possibly spurious system based on facts such as word counts and… Whether they were a nobel prize winner.

Im sometimes not the best at describing how wondrous things are.

We love art related to human being attempts to create order in the cruxifyingly depressing randomness of life.

We love colour wheels and keys and eavesdropping on art conversations.

See goetherocks.blogspot.co.uk

Anyway It reminded us of Boetti @Tate and his random categorising ofvthe uncategorisable.

Anyway big brightly coloured book covers…. Go.

Its free.



Haunch of venison


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I think it was Colin Heinink… or was it EF Schumacher… (someone like that anyway) who said those famous words.

Its certainly true as both a model  for arts and ents funding and for feeling wholesome and involved.

We angel invested in our favourite band.

But all sorts of sites let you invest in all sorts of things.

The speaker at scanners night used…

unbound to fund his book.

There is loads tho…

kickstarter :general

music: pledgemusic, bandcamp and recently


Have a play,



Gratuitous @mylifestoryuk shot? Sod it we own em (ish… a small bit)


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Hello there.

Today i am telling you about bookcrossing.

Remember when I told you about free book shops and you couldnt control your excitement?

Well its like that only about 25% more thrilling.

Mildly tediously you register finished books on tinternet and then “set them free” as if they were wild animals or children. This means a) leaving them somewhere b) giving them to someone c) bringing them to a meetup.

Our old friend meetup.com again.

You also then register the ones u acquire.

Im not really selling it.

Bookswapping really but following their journey.

Im going off the idea describing it.

Its cool. Honest.






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I was originally going to write this blog on something else…

But a thing has occured to me. If you sit in the barbican you can enjoy not only their free wifi but free quality concerts!

I know… Im a staffordshire bull terrier killing live music…. hey… sometimes I pay.

And to be honest this little dog and the boy @albiestar have been known to rest their eyes occasionally during @lso.



Well apart from that theres a great exhibition in the curve gallery which is greatly free. All sorts of crap some woman wouldnt throw out.

Like our flat.

Yes, I said crap.

Im edgy.


Obviously there was a @meetup along the way. Central London Humanists. Interesting. Dawkins etcetera.

Very big meetup tho. Not quite sure that works as well as the smaller ones.

That was criticism.

I am a critic.


Reading @timeout I was interested to find Dan Cox’s/Andy Holden’s #thinglytime had made it to @cubittgallery.

I saw it in Cambridge so i did.

Im well travelled…

It says here:

“Although the Thingly Time of the most viscious parts of the Chewy Cosmos seem to be embodied only in nature’s most Sublime creations, this need not necessarily be the case.”

Yeah, yeah… lots of books.

Too many.






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