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Things re funny.

The way they work out.

Il give u an example….


You know sometimes a man thinks he is going to run a book group on damon runyons guys and dolls now the man is not necessarilly wrong for thinking that he has the book and is at the place but then your man finds himself in your bfi watching movies about the advertising industry and he thinks well this may even actually be better not that he is thinking the book club would be bad but he is a man who can get easilly disappointed and this pains me so and sometimes it makes me feel a little crook so i cannot say i am not glad the man enjoyed the film


Im a clever staffy i can write like guys and dolls.


Bfi films are expensive but then sometimes they come neatly bookended by middle aged men telling u about them.


If youve got the money or if ur some kind of concession or if uv a nice friend to pay its a good way to watch a film. With the little introduction.

It makes u a bit more interested even if u hav the attention span of a 2013 person.



Harley xx



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To see a film.

In a different environment.

Is a great thing.

Eg remember when we saw oliver twist in the rain.

Well this was dry.

It was in Da Bethnal Green.

There were beanbags.

A confused man came in.

But other than that.

I had the remote control to a big screen.

It was very peaceful.

Details: @uniongallery #foxfur.

Oh it was short.

We like short.

We did concentrate for a whole hour though which is good in 2013.

I say concentrate because it was, like, not dark we tweeted how much we were concentrating and enjoying it.


Harley xx



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It was in a place called passing clouds…


There was a film about changing the world…

There was home made lemonade…


and revolution.



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Now time outs gone a bit rubbish your going to need and want me.

We went to the tate to see the turner prize entries.

We left our new card at home but they still let us in cos some people are nice arent they?

Paul Noble: some words: blobby, pencil, some words, big, houses, cool


Luke Fowler: little photos and a grim film about grim glasgow. Ho hum

Oo there were bean bags for sitting…

Elizabeth Price: some words: choir, choppy, the shaaaangriiii laaaaaas, diagrams

Spartacus Chetwynd: #inaword puppets.

That is all you need to know.


Harley xx



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We went to a frank bowling exhibition b4? Do u remember? Twas in Shoreditch.

We were amusing if nonplussed.

You can relive those dizzy highs here…


First time we are self referencial.

The dog what blogs gold.

We’re joining the splodges.

We quite enjoyed it this time @tate.

Mainly cos it was quiet.


Revisit migrations: some words: im trying to remember if their were boobs…

Revisit another london: some words: im trying to remember if there was cock…



Here is the new best film ever.

Searching for Sugerman.

We like films about music, photos about music or tv about art.

Joining the splodges,

This was a fairy story that had it all.

And it was only 82 minutes.






Maybe mate but you look fat…

“Its the way im standing” he says…




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I would like…

If i may…

To give u a history lesson…

3D is an interesting thing. A tech thats come in fits and starts over the decades.

You can read about it here.

I think its post-2003 revival (oh yes) really works best in IMAX.

Now it is partly because his lordship is a speccy 6 eyes that he finds it a bit uncomfy.

And because he's a natural rebel… He took them off for quite a bit.

See spidey was cool anyway. It added something. But not much.

Its a good film.

Its all there.

Hot yoofs snogging and saving the world.

Be still my beating heart,




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We didnt have the emotional energy for this blog yday for a number of reasons.

We always protested… “Hornsey is the place to be.”

It, like many things, fell on deaf ears but me and the boywonder @albiestar are often right.

Homsey Town hall itself is interesting… One of the first modernist structures or something.

Its all v art deco.

Anyway its all v art too because it houses @artangel projects.

At the moment in its corridors and council chambers it houses neon signs, memorabilia, posters and 3 films by Yael Bartana.These films are about a Polish jew who begins by calling the diaspora who have left Poland to return and assert there jewishness alongside the polishness in a celebration of now.

I cant really do this amount of history, culture and religion justice.

Im a staffordshire bull terrier.

But if you’re in Hornsey at the weekend-and lets face it who isnt?-



Sashayed along then to laughter yoga where we got chucked out The Royal Festival Hall…

But you’ve gotta laugh?…







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Ooooooooo. Actually the Woman in Black is a very funny film to watch with a lot of people.

I would particularly recommend watching it in @cineworld #woodgreen.

People were calling out and talking to each other. It was quite special.

First a mans phone went off and he said “so sorry” very loud then someone called out “it’s okay” and then the man said “am I forgiven” and we all went “yes.”

It was interactive. You had to be there.

Anyway the film…

Harry potter is great at looking shit scared yet determined but the unsung heros are the supporting cast of dogs. One in a heroic lassieesque role and a couple as freaky child substitute…

Beautifully played.

It was funny again when someone called out at the end “oh… Thank god for that.”

No, it is scary, honest, Colin still hasn’t come out from behind his hands…



 cineworld wood green

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Its time to light the lights

Heart warming. Life affirming.

Those words could describe your humble narrator, its true, but they could also describe the new Muppet movie.

Seriously… whats not to like?

If I had one criticism it was that Rowlf didn’t feature more heavilly… but thats a minor gripe.

Just go really.

No irony.

No jokes.

Just go.



PS I can’t stop working on multiple levels im that intense.. When I say no irony and jokes I mean in this post… oodles in the film… and songs…

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