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“I taste faint regret but know there’s no going back.”


Well I’ll be!

There’s a lot going on.

#jonrafman @zabludowicz_col

You can:

a) lie in a ball pit.

b) lie on a water bed.

c) sit in a cup board.

d) sit and watch films.

e) do a maze thing (if you’ve booked).

f) look at the art.

Some words: balls, art, computer games, nudity, gunk, bedrooms, crustaceans, ladies of ill repute, sculpture, hot, church.


>>Why are you here?

>>I came to retrace my steps.

I think it was about immersion in a virtual world or something.

I liked it.


Martin xx


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Oo it’s a retrospective.

I’m never going to remember all these people’s names.

Oo some of them are famous.

20 years @Zabludowicz_Col Collection.


Some of their words:

Hd video, steel viewing platform, monitor stand, paddling pool, cat litter, coloured cables

That’s just one piece.

Some of mine:

Cleopatra, rubber, Central Line, butterflies, Victoria Line, spam, Bakerloo Line, shag pile, buy my wife? legs, football, splats, is that Mick Jagger?


“Do you continue to talk even when you know no one is listening?”

All the time.


‘I kiss you.’


Please remove heels.


Martin xx


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We’ve said b4.
Here you can record boring stories.
Trouble is…
All our stories are interesting.


They have some boring steel sculptures and bits of architectural models.
It was nice and peaceful in the gallery and there was one of those reading rooms for blogging.




IMG 6752

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We are playing host to worlds greatest sporting event.

I am not amused.

'Stick' has failed to be included.


Its always a cultural olympiad @thedogwhatblogs.

Here is a new place for us.

The Camden Arts Centre.

It is not in Camden.

But it is an arts centre.

Very well done. Very well done Camden Arts Centre on ur v cool surreal Bruce Lacey exhibition.

Thats from the heart.

Some words: flying dolls, no cock, sausage machine, no fanny, robots, no boobs, the occult, ….a cuddly toy! (yey!)…

There was also a reading room.

Weve theorised on them before.

Some bean bags.

And some funny films.

Now the boy wonder @albiestar wants to go back because u can record your boring stories for something called 'it ok to be boring.'

It isnt.

I combine brevity with insight and wit.


You dont need to thank me.





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Im going to let @albiestar do this review, its more his cup of tea, but if he does a cock pun let me know…

Or if he uses the phrase “brutally honest” i will also need to restrain him…

On a lead.




Brutally honest is the phrase that springs to mind when reviewing ‘Wasted’ at the Camden Roundhouse.

It was theatre, it was rap, it was poetry it was multimedia it was on the button in a crushingly hilariously depressing way.

Some seriously massive laugh lines definately there…

“adjectives instead of names”

“swallowed a planetarium”

And “smells of custard creams” gave me some biggesteverlaughs which was helpful in a play that was too honest for words.

We like to bang on here about “short is good” too.

Concisely, economically, pointedly powerfull… Unlike that sentence.

As @thedogwhatblogs would say: Some words: drunk, teacher, life, hilltop, lights, brazen, hilarious, freedom, responsibilities, dreams, being crap, relationships oh and…

“breathtakingly honest”

Bung that on a poster.


Dont call us colin, dont call us…




Ps we really really really liked how they came on at acted surprised to see the audience. Sweet.


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