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“Why are you here, sir?”

“We’ve got a reservation for a table 5-7.”

“Eh, you’ve not come to, maybe, meet anyone? [nod/wink].”

“No for the bar. Can we come in, it’s raining?”


Blooming role play.


It’s nice to have a lovely backdrop to your revelries.

It’s set in a disused 1940s tube station/train and the drinks are war themed.

I think the came up with the names first.

‘Give Peas a Chance’ was however one of nicest tasting things ever.

You book a place which gives a nice calm happy vibe and the setting is 

very attractive which makes a nice setting for a lovely time with you very 

attractive other half.


Martin xx


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Now this is more my sort of thing.

Rock and roll.

Especially free rock and roll.

Was in a boozer in Shoreditch.

I donned my porkpie hat. Got myself a pint.

Bedded in.

Now they werent famous. But i like to see whats up and coming now iv got this blog.

Something to do anyway.


Martin x



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Aujourd hui nous regardons un film francais.

Les subtitres aussi en francais.

Pour learning francais.

Cest un film about un homme qui travailles dans une office.

La femme sorti le homme.

Aussi Le homme pretended to be une homosexuale pour garder son traivaille.

Im not sure how this worked im going to have to go on le wikipedia.

Gerard Depardieu!

Il adore le homme mais l'homme n'etais pas vraiment une homosexuale!

Le film fini apres une autre femme faire de la sexe avec l'homme qui n'etais pas gay.





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Theres a league.

Like other things with leagues we are passable.

Thing is.

If you do a lot of things.

You wont be as good as people that do just that thing.

Some words: muppets, berlin wall, pink floyd, margaret thatcher, missouri, norwich city fc, rolling stones, hans holbein and sporrans.

Anyway v friendly and open was the quiz league of london.

Its also cheap. Drinks only cost.

We like.

And its not a late evening.

We like.




About 7 out of 20 is what we got?

Okay, okay! 6.

But we knew a few of other peoples which gets u pts.



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Yesterday in the midst of shattered glass and life we traipsed round Bermondsey and Rotherhithe on a one man (and his dogwhatblogs) south london art map tour.

Yes, you’re right, we went on one before with the instagram folk.

We cant be originally cultural every day.

To be briefly vulgar you pay what you afford and then have a lovely time discover hidden gem galleries.

We first went the west lane south gallery and saw robert cary williams haunting/disturbing/marvellous blend of fashion and sculpture ‘Jackets for Hooligans.’

Then to vibe gallery for a collection of works around the concept of the Annulus…

Time to cut and paste…

The Annulus is a term used to describe the space between two concentric cylinders. The inner cylinder is the central core the outer cylinder, the periphery.


One can translate this idea of the space in between, to metaphorically describe the art world. For example we would locate the Damian Hirsts of the world close to the central core and we would locate those often described as outsider artists on the periphery. Our aim is to act as a vehicle with which to navigate the annulus.”

There you go then. Paint tubes on the floor. Like our house. Shards of glass on the floor. Like our house.

The next bit was awesome…

In the amazing v22 space we saw some performance art involving some pendulums…

Okay we’re not selling it again… Heres a vid…


Ok you have to be there…

It really is a tremendous use of the vastness of the space.

Where else? Finally the curiously cool worlds end space…

Pub stroke gallery. Lovely.

We like stuff about time and the painted over mirrors gave the boy wonder @albiestar a further chance to take a pic of himself… His favourite pastime.

We are so effortlessly cool.



go on part two of the tourĀ https://www.facebook.com/events/298481690246647/

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