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#tillmans @Tate.

Some words: meat, flies, privates, necks, moss, drains, the reemergence of activism, the ocean, draughts, shrewd observations about contemporary world views, hair, weapons of mass destruction, photocopiers and a toucan.

That’s about the gist of it.

3 Colin Stars,


Martin xx

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“We possess an extraordinary instrument for reproduction. But photography is much more than that.” #Maholy-Nagy


You need to make the most of blogs about pictures that don’t look like what they’re meant to be because soon I’ll be reviewing beaches and tea houses in the sticks.


Some words: black, white, men, women, masks, poverty, Elton John, shadows, eyes, tears, marbles, eye cubes, rice.

It’s that kind of staffy insight you’re going to miss.


Martin x

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Martin wasn’t in the mood for Georgia O’Keeffe @tate modern (“all them bloomin flowers”) so Eli went to his first art exhibition, with his mummy and daddy, and blogged.


I liked it when my daddy took me out the pram and put me over his shoulder.

I like moving around. It keeps me calm.

Like daddy.

I like the patterns and the colours.

Like daddy.

I liked looking at the beautiful visions.

Such as my mummy.


Eli x

PS I’m very advanced and want to point out to Martin it should read ‘The Dog THAT Blogs.’

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Baby sometimes disturbs my afternoon dognaps (he’s a lot more demanding than me) so I sashayed over to @tate modern for #monahatoum.

“I want the work in the first instance to have a strong formal presence and through the physical experience to activate a psychological and emotional response.”

Don’t we all, love.

There was a cheese grater turned into a bed which I thought was a clever idea.

Reminded me a lot of the old nail iron of Man Ray.

“A world characterised by conflicts and contradictions.”

You’re telling me.

But Staffies are lovers not fighters.

5 Colin Stars.

I really liked it.


Martin x

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Some words: paint, nudity, Japan, oranges, cross dressing, Instagram, school children, mail order brides, masks, feminism, a tree, a leap into the unknown.

“It wasn’t purely documentation; it was about figuration in painting. I would photograph a performance and I was really into looking at the images.”

@tate modern.


“A game between I am me.”

Duchamp, innit.

4 Colin Stars.


Martin x



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We want one of these mobiles for a nursery for baby.

They are enchanting.

Alexander #Calder @tate modern.


I really just love the simple colours, shapes and sounds moving at random and it is as simple as that.

“My fan mail is enormous.” Said Alexander. “Everyone is under six.”


Martin x


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The capitals art scene quakes as this cultural Staffordshire Bull Terrier limbers up to deliver his verdict on #worldgoespop @tate.

Careers, reputations, assumptions and dreams could be shattered in a moment.


They say: “The World Goes Pop expands the notion of pop art into a far wider geographical context.”

We say: “When a stuffed female with a tv in her stomach tells you that it really is “the last time” you know you’re in proper trouble…”


Some words: fly swatter, lips, nailed, Vietnam, sauce, Romania, liberation, the American Dream, balls, violence, folky stuff, neon, mirrors and a broken heart.


Love Delia Cancela’s ‘Broken Heart.’
A passing mother: “Like a jigsaw.”
A passing child: “Put it together.”


5 Colin Stars


Martin xx 


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Agnes Martin @tate


Some words:

I love the whole world

Happy holidays

Mid winter 

One that looks like a face





The Heavenly Race

The Garden

Burning Tree




Untitled #1


Untitled #14

Untitled #12

Untitled #5



Oo a rhombus

But of purple

One that looks like an alien

“Titles such as Summer or The Peach might be seen to allude to the beauty of nature.”

Homage to life


Martin xx


Shel Silverstein, ‘The Missing Piece.’

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Was going to blog about this earlier, but, you know… Been tired and stuff.


Bloomin stuff.


Sonia Delaunay @tate modern.

Some words: faces, expressions, colours, shapes, patterns, movements, dancers, conveyor belts, love.

I also learnt what a gouache was on Wikipedia as I went round.

No, I’m not going to tell.

Go tho. It’s probably the best art.

We liked it a lot.

5 Colin stars.


Martin xx 


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“Painters may use photography but a photograph often still wants to be a painting.”


#marlenedumas @tate


Some words: horror, anonymity, nudity, an Alsatian, princess Diana, terror, eyes, poetry


‘Waiting (for meaning).’


Martin x


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