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Sometimes an exhibition ticks a lot of boxes for a person.

Duchamp @barbicancentre. Muddy from dogs.

Heres pretension…

Whats interesting about this particular one is that its all really about the interconnectivety of duchamp and these people he influenced and how thy kind of fed off each other.

And played chess.

Some words: boxes, wheels, urinals, nude (descending a staircase), sub cubist boobs etc, pianos, chess, musical boxes, there, not there,



An absence that makes things more complete.


Harley xx



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Women rolling around in cricket jumpers is the sexiest thing in the world

Who'd have thought?

When we were little we went to the ballet.

We recall once or twice there was boobs.

There wasnt here but it was v hot.

Matthew Bourne 'Play Without Words.'

We've not really dealt with dance here. We will do again.

You can go to the theatre with people via meetup or via just having friends.

We find we always impress people if we say something is 'hypnotic.'

Someone said we should review…

Little do you know pet, little do you know.

5 colin stars he says.




Play without words


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