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It’s nice when things are paired together beautifully.

Bangers and mash.

Gin and tonic.

Horses and carriages.

Love and marriage.

Americans and Englishmen

And music and art.


You see that’s what they’ve done here @nationalgallery #soundscapes.

Some words: A lake, choirs, skulls, electronica, The Tudors, monks, orchestras, John the Baptist, ballet, Jesus, bathers, another lake.

I wonder about the invigilators hearing the same music and looking at the same paintings over and over again.

They are beautiful the pairings but… All day.

The Cezanne was my favourite.

All haunting.


Martin x


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I like to think of myself as the new samuel pepys.


Today we took advantage of the courtauld gallery's monday free time 10-2.


We like free.

Also there was a brief talk.

We like talks.

We like brief.

Go when theres a talk its much better.

Lots of old pix and the drawing exhibition is mildly interesting for 15 minutes.

You get your moneys worth anyway.

You can combine it with an awesome rolling stones exhibition too.

Or origami if youre inclined like the boy wonder @albiestar.


Why not,






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