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Doggy let me do this too…


Tate modern blackouts, little sun, olafur eliasson, poetry and dream.

Solar powered surrealism.*

I liked it best cos you could chat people up asking for their light.

Almost like smoking cool but without the cancer.

Other people seemed “oo its dark” happy but I dont think other people were enjoying it q as much as me.

I was getting in a pickle trying to take shadow pix.

But loving it.

Theyre on the wondrous instagram which has been a life saver.

Now @thedogwhatblogs holds the purse strings…

Notionally free but u had to buy the little lamp for the equivalent of three trips to Haringey Borough FC.

But it beats taking pix of old men.




I wanted her on the left slightly…

*he asked me to provide more detail. Its like a torch round ur neck right and they turned the lights off in the gallery. Jeesh.


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I suppose we should just be joyful it exists.

Its v hard to be angry with a fan museum.

There are more things on heaven and earth than we can explain.

Like why a fan museum can charge 4 pounds and the phenomenal Maritime museum is free.

Some explain such phenomenon with religion.

Some look to dreams.

“I think being in London helps.”

Sure thing bucko.

“People are more open.”

“Release your root chakra.”

This is the Dream Cafe.

Or Costa as theyre popularly known.

A group where people discuss their dreams.

That’s what it is.

There’s nothing more to say.

Oh yes, theres little cards.

For insight.

Ours had a picture of a tree and a peach or it could be…

Some words…

Boobs, bum.

We never got to find out as we had to hot foot to hospital radio.

The things people do to make themselves quirky and interesting,






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