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Was going to blog about this earlier, but, you know… Been tired and stuff.


Bloomin stuff.


Sonia Delaunay @tate modern.

Some words: faces, expressions, colours, shapes, patterns, movements, dancers, conveyor belts, love.

I also learnt what a gouache was on Wikipedia as I went round.

No, I’m not going to tell.

Go tho. It’s probably the best art.

We liked it a lot.

5 Colin stars.


Martin xx 


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Heres another boredom cure.


Its a good way of meeting people too.

Which is the best cure.

Locally we have…

Haringey Timebank


But pop in a library and peruse a notice board. Pop on the computer and explore the internet. Online noticeboard.

We describe our skills as ‘creative’ which isnt as good as being able to fix squeaky doors.

Anyway you’ll find ideas sparking off in all directions… Ours went this way…

Found Art Project UPDATE!

Tickling our surrealist funny bone.

Here are some pix…

You also find people links between activities. A lady at timebank has joined our choir.






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