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Doggy let me do this too…


Tate modern blackouts, little sun, olafur eliasson, poetry and dream.

Solar powered surrealism.*

I liked it best cos you could chat people up asking for their light.

Almost like smoking cool but without the cancer.

Other people seemed “oo its dark” happy but I dont think other people were enjoying it q as much as me.

I was getting in a pickle trying to take shadow pix.

But loving it.

Theyre on the wondrous instagram which has been a life saver.

Now @thedogwhatblogs holds the purse strings…

Notionally free but u had to buy the little lamp for the equivalent of three trips to Haringey Borough FC.

But it beats taking pix of old men.




I wanted her on the left slightly…

*he asked me to provide more detail. Its like a torch round ur neck right and they turned the lights off in the gallery. Jeesh.


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I would like…

If i may…

To give u a history lesson…

3D is an interesting thing. A tech thats come in fits and starts over the decades.

You can read about it here.

I think its post-2003 revival (oh yes) really works best in IMAX.

Now it is partly because his lordship is a speccy 6 eyes that he finds it a bit uncomfy.

And because he's a natural rebel… He took them off for quite a bit.

See spidey was cool anyway. It added something. But not much.

Its a good film.

Its all there.

Hot yoofs snogging and saving the world.

Be still my beating heart,




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