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Sometimes you want to do something but not too many things and nothing hard.


I’m going to say again about Herald St in Bethnal Green.

They’re are 5 galleries.

All free.

All showing interesting art.

You have to buzz but then it’s like a succession of aladdins caves.

Don’t be nervous.

Visual Art is easy.


Martin x


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What’s this then, eh?


What do you think?

It’s art.

I think I like it.

Don’t know why.

I also think it’s nice to go to a little road in Bethnal Green where there are four cool free gallery’s.

Herald street, innit.

Just check they’re open or you’ll just have to buy donuts from the sainsburys local to ensure its not a wasted trip.


Martin x

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“Photography on film as an amateur practice is essentially extinct.”

iPhones innit.

Morgan Fisher.

Past Present, Present Past.


Some words: Geveat, Ferrania, Dufay, Isopan, Ilford, Antipan, Peromnia, Agfacolor, Alticolor, Adox.



Martin xx


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The Stone Space: There’s a sim card. In perspex. It contains text and photos from an old relationship.

5 Stars. Its on a plinth.

Maureen Paley: There’s pinboards. In Bethnal Green. They contain text about architecture.

3 Stars. Its tucked away.

The British Museum: There’s old shit. In cabinets. They contain bones, pots and in a special free exhibition stuff relating to drinking.

3 Stars. Mainly pots.

A lot of pots.

I think iv said b4.


Harley xx






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Its a roller coaster ride with the boy wonder @albiestar… I think she got sick.

Im just sick of not getting a walk if hes dipping.

He went for a walk to maureen paley to see david hodge… I kept him on the level… Rounded off by a decent amdram outing.

I look after him.

I should be reviewing. Not laundry airing. He does that.

Im more your cultured and restrained staffordshire bull terrier…

David Thorpe at the lovely idyll that is bethnal greens maureen paley gallery…

Some words…

natural, shit, no not that kind, bones, covered, log, chalk, simple, talking to me, floral, ikkle, no cock, no boobs no fanny

So what it is right is…


Downstairs two big kind of walls on legs decorated in laura ashleyesque vibe.

Natural materials. Traditional craftmenship. Blah blah blah.

Only thing is one of the walls makes a noise at you.


Add into the mix a stone on a pedestal.




And a log on the floor.


Is it aaaaaaart.


Sorry got a bit amdram.


Its a funny hobby amdram. Auditions, intensity, exposed. Highs and lows…


A roller coaster ride if you will.








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Its been a while.

Quit your whining we’ve been depressed.

So today was board games in Crouch End. Nothing to write home about or indeed nothing to write to the universe about. Pleasant.

We like pleasant.

Yesterday we did the highbrow low brow thing.

Its a theme if you will.

You can make up your mind which is which.

We began learning how to invigilate @thestonespace.

Its a gallery in Leytonstone. Nearly as desirable as Hornsey.

The current exhibition is called ‘Remote Cities’ by Eleanor Bedlow.

Im cutting and pasting cos im lazy…

In ‘Remote Cities’, Bedlow introduces us to an imagined landscape from a surreal world where the Imaginary cities that occupy her mind are formulated into models and then into drawings. For the first time, extracts from these imaginary cities will be shown as sculptures alongside her drawing.
Either through migration or growing up, the places that we remember occupying, change and leave us to become a memory.” 

Like they said. Hey, I’m busy actually doing stuff.

Followed it up with… wait for it…

Wait for it…

An Orient win!

I think they actually played well but we having a bit of an internal time of it but at least it wasn’t too cold.

Aaand finally… we sashayed to the Maureen Paley gallery in Bethnal Green for much chillingness…

Stick this is your blogpipe and smoke it… re: Thomas Eggerer exhibition…

In the exhibition, Eggerer continues to develop his interest in portraying groups of people in large spatial expanses. In addition, he explores a more focused study of piano virtuoso Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, shown at his piano in three new portraits.

Its true.

Thomas Eggerer was born in Munich, Germany and studied painting at the Art Academy in Munich. In the mid-1990s he collaborated with Jochen Klein on a series of projects relating to questions of identity and public space

Damn we were meant to make this blog ‘Easilly digestible with a cup of tea. And a digestive.” Elevator pitch. I can do business.

Anyway you’ve had all you can take.

In other news we’ve been falling apart and doing hospital radio.

Thankyou and goodnight.




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