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I can do restaurant reviews.
I can.


A nice thing to do is go out to eat.

We went out to eat at Panda Dim Sum in Leytonstone.

It is not dim sum made of pandas.

It is hot.

The food is spicy and hot and the place gets steamy.

The food is delicious.

You bring your own wine.


You must not do your business on the floor when you get home.


Martin x


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Secret stories

Two great ideas… secret dining and storytelling…

storytelling, storytelling, storytelling… We did that yday at the tea box.

Its becoming a bit of a thing… For us and london.

What a pleasant accompaniment to a meal and a lovely launchpad for conversation.

Delis rock too. The queensbury deli.

Were drifting away from booze-based ents.

The waitress was hot… So says the boy wonder @albiestar. He told me to write that. Tragic.

Tonights guest story teller was femi martin…

Some words… Honest, compelling, poetic, unique.

You can have those for free.

On cake, coffee and cross dressing.

And life and death.


Host jean marc did a lovely one where he talked about the autistic spectrum relating it to colours.

Heres ur links…






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