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Now our natural inclination @thedogwhatblogs in to be glib, sarcy and ironic to a point where its not funny.


Not today.

Obviously we always bang on about galleries.

But this is a bit different…

a bit more…

In the wondrous @thestonespace leytonstone there are artists in residence working away and u can watch.

Sometimes the boy wonder is there too.

Don't watch him.

All he does is blog.

Just go.


And then you toddle up the road to watch a panto.

Hear 'I wish it could be xmas everyday' for two more weeks…

And laugh your head off.

East, east, east london as they say at leyton orient…

Oo u could go there too and make a whole damn day of it…


Harley xx




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So there was some art.

A new gallery.

The Pangolin.

It had pieces by famous people like Damien Hirst (he conceived the sharks to move) and sarah lucas.


But best is having some food and some football with your dad.

Its funny going to the premier league which is epic… The noise.

After non league which is cheap but dull.

In the middle is lovely cuddly often rubbish @leytonorientfc which has bearable toilets, singing but slightly easier prices.

Hedge your bets?

Have lots of teams.

Then if one loses…

What? They all lost??

Quadruple depression.

But i went with my dad so it was still great.


In the evening it is sometimes ok to watch the telly.

And even if your crushingly lonely if you have a clever staffy* and an i app you can play along with telly quizzes to make u feel 10% better.

Like million pound drop which is all…

Hedge ur bets.

See what i did there?





*a condition of letting me use the blog.


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I leave the low brow to the boy wonder… Harleyxx


In the league of entertainments.

I suppose thats pretty good.

£5 for two hours of mildly diverting relaxation and occasional passion.

Non-league football. Haringey Borough.

Well what does one do on ones saturday afternoons when ones team are away?

Divide your loyalties.

Cheaper than cinema and theatre.

More expensive than art and telly.

But you do feel homely and local and good.

Im trying to get my head round what league of football they’re in.

They were playing for a vase so it can’t be good can it?





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Its been a while.

Quit your whining we’ve been depressed.

So today was board games in Crouch End. Nothing to write home about or indeed nothing to write to the universe about. Pleasant.

We like pleasant.

Yesterday we did the highbrow low brow thing.

Its a theme if you will.

You can make up your mind which is which.

We began learning how to invigilate @thestonespace.

Its a gallery in Leytonstone. Nearly as desirable as Hornsey.

The current exhibition is called ‘Remote Cities’ by Eleanor Bedlow.

Im cutting and pasting cos im lazy…

In ‘Remote Cities’, Bedlow introduces us to an imagined landscape from a surreal world where the Imaginary cities that occupy her mind are formulated into models and then into drawings. For the first time, extracts from these imaginary cities will be shown as sculptures alongside her drawing.
Either through migration or growing up, the places that we remember occupying, change and leave us to become a memory.” 

Like they said. Hey, I’m busy actually doing stuff.

Followed it up with… wait for it…

Wait for it…

An Orient win!

I think they actually played well but we having a bit of an internal time of it but at least it wasn’t too cold.

Aaand finally… we sashayed to the Maureen Paley gallery in Bethnal Green for much chillingness…

Stick this is your blogpipe and smoke it… re: Thomas Eggerer exhibition…

In the exhibition, Eggerer continues to develop his interest in portraying groups of people in large spatial expanses. In addition, he explores a more focused study of piano virtuoso Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, shown at his piano in three new portraits.

Its true.

Thomas Eggerer was born in Munich, Germany and studied painting at the Art Academy in Munich. In the mid-1990s he collaborated with Jochen Klein on a series of projects relating to questions of identity and public space

Damn we were meant to make this blog ‘Easilly digestible with a cup of tea. And a digestive.” Elevator pitch. I can do business.

Anyway you’ve had all you can take.

In other news we’ve been falling apart and doing hospital radio.

Thankyou and goodnight.




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Me and the boy @albiestar woke up and we felt a bit shitty lets be honest.

Hey its a blog post to the general public. Its an inappropriate forum.

But what cheers a person up more than watching some shite lower league football in the rain?


What about losing to Colchester?


Watching it with a friend. It helps.

Lets proceed to the Theatre.

I watched an intensely powerful play called ‘Miss Julie.’ About a charming yet overbearing interlectual husband and a sexy little wife.

Again, i watched it with nice people. It helps.

@meetup wonderfullness again.

You know, some truely beautiful acting moments happen all over London town all the time. And so many don’t get trumpeted.

So well done on this little blog @factiontheatre. You did great stuff @newdiorama.









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Hope in his heart part one

Well fans, I think a frozen pitch is a pathetic excuse to cancel a game of football… Were they built as rugged and muscly as the battleship that is your canine narrator it would have been a very different story…

I had a leyton orient gag prepared and anything… Oh well you can wait I’ll next week…


So what does a Staffordshire Bull Terrier with hope in his heart and pounds on his oyster do in Leyton of a saturday afternoon.


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