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They say:

“As poetic as it is political, her work investigates movement, exchange, transformation, resistance and silenced historical narratives.”


#emilyjacir @_thewhitechapel

We say:

Some words: photographs, newspaper cuttings, music clips, telephone recordings, letters, postcards.

Fragments of a life.

“Shortly before his death, Wael destroyed his poems and everything he had ever wrote.”


Martin xx


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What’s this then?



A pile of old bricks?

No silly, it’s a modulation of space in relation to your own body.


There is a lot of stuff @_thewhitechapel #londonopen2015.

Some words: bricks, nudity, pottery, mud, lovely water colours, feelings, neon, stones.


Martin x 


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I like the tube strike.

Leave early.

Pay a cheque in or something.

Go to an ‘off west end’ gallery or something.

Perhaps that’s not the point.


First lets do the exhibition @_thewhitechapel that wasn’t so good…

Corin Sworn (good name)

Some words: big fat brown rod, decanters, mice, robes, fairy lights… You get the picture.

Sort of 3 Colin Starsish.

Now the really good one:

Rivane Neuenschwander.

Some words: Ebola, fear, clowns, guns, knives, thunder, God, fear, children’s clothes.

Sounds good, right?

5 Colin Stars.


Martin xx


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Richard Tuttle @_thewhitechapel

Some words: I, don’t, know, coils, cloth, balls, poems, lights, shapes, colours.

I don’t know,


Martin x


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When its bed time you need a story right?

When all else fails…….

Audiobooks rock.

Podcasts rock.

Many are free.

We like free.


Theres a time and a place.


In the daytime you need eye candy right?

Ok perhaps when its bed time too but.

When all else fails…

Theres some high quality eye candy @the_whitechapel.

Mel Bochner.

Some words: words, colours.

Drift away…





Ps i think i might hav done a post like this b4 but im right and its xmas and im tired. Its vintage think of it like vintage.




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