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“This, my son, is why we used to pay twice the rent and ride to work in cattle trucks… to see weird stuff in galleries.”

Elmgreen and Dragset @_thewhitechapel.

“Iiiiiiccee Creeeeaaam.”



They say: “The work conveys a criticality towards the austerity measures and rising gentrification that have lead to the decline of municipal spaces.”

We say: “For a second I thought that was a real baby.”





















Some words: capitalism, babies, swimming pools, gentrification, children, Louise Bourgeoise, guns, cash, misery, fear, Jesus.


5 Colin Stars.


Martin x

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Er um er I think I see.

#christopherwilliams #theproductionlineofhappiness @_thewhitechapel


Some words: plyboard, exposed sockets, vertical unfinished paint stripes, metal tubing frames, sellotape…

….this was just the gallery…

…or was it??

I need things explaining.

I’m just a dog.

There was also a rude one if that’s your cup of tea.


Also – a cross continental art show, nature, a children’s protest.

I need to lie down now.


Martin xx


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It is £13.50 with gift aid.


You have to put your bag in.


I liked it.


Adventures of the Black Square.

@thedogwhatblogs #twilightculture @the_whitechapel.


A black square etc.


“The supremacy of pure sensibility.”

“On which they appear to float.”


Some words: black square, orange square pink square, orange circle, black, white, cogito, ergo, sum, redact, tiles, carpet, megaphones, nice lady giving you your bag back at the end.

***** Colin Stars


Martin x


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