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Now our natural inclination @thedogwhatblogs in to be glib, sarcy and ironic to a point where its not funny.


Not today.

Obviously we always bang on about galleries.

But this is a bit different…

a bit more…

In the wondrous @thestonespace leytonstone there are artists in residence working away and u can watch.

Sometimes the boy wonder is there too.

Don't watch him.

All he does is blog.

Just go.


And then you toddle up the road to watch a panto.

Hear 'I wish it could be xmas everyday' for two more weeks…

And laugh your head off.

East, east, east london as they say at leyton orient…

Oo u could go there too and make a whole damn day of it…


Harley xx




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Its a roller coaster ride with the boy wonder @albiestar… I think she got sick.

Im just sick of not getting a walk if hes dipping.

He went for a walk to maureen paley to see david hodge… I kept him on the level… Rounded off by a decent amdram outing.

I look after him.

I should be reviewing. Not laundry airing. He does that.

Im more your cultured and restrained staffordshire bull terrier…

David Thorpe at the lovely idyll that is bethnal greens maureen paley gallery…

Some words…

natural, shit, no not that kind, bones, covered, log, chalk, simple, talking to me, floral, ikkle, no cock, no boobs no fanny

So what it is right is…


Downstairs two big kind of walls on legs decorated in laura ashleyesque vibe.

Natural materials. Traditional craftmenship. Blah blah blah.

Only thing is one of the walls makes a noise at you.


Add into the mix a stone on a pedestal.




And a log on the floor.


Is it aaaaaaart.


Sorry got a bit amdram.


Its a funny hobby amdram. Auditions, intensity, exposed. Highs and lows…


A roller coaster ride if you will.








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We’ve been up to all sorts. Me and the boy.

Happy, sad, highbrow, lowbrow, geeky, cool. We’ve met some nice people and some not very nice people.

Shall we write a blog post? Yes! I hear you cry…



First we had a guided tour of the theatre and performance galleries @v_and_a.

Now there is nothing we like more here @thedogwhatblogs that an informatively, wry tour guide.


There was one. Expressive hand gestures are also a plus.


We then trotted over to International Art Fair to top up on pretentiousness.

There were wooden dogs that cost 10o0s of pounds.

And to think I give myself away for free…

We want to recommend @meetup.

The first meetup we went to was one for @twespians.

I don’t know if you’re aware but my owner @albiestar chairs (sometimes) an amdram group who are very net savvy already, @woodhouseplays.

We learnt not a great deal but I suppose its called networking.

Though in this fair isle we should have decamped to the pub for this.

Which we did for the second meetup.

‘Debating Interesting World Issues’ tho this was conversely tricky in a noisy pub.

Im a spent force for now,

More later,



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