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“The world is but a great bedlam where those that are more mad lock up those who are less.”

‘Beyond Bedlam’ @explorewellcome.

All the little audio commentary things been taken you see so we actually had to read stuff.


There was a lot of old books but also a really good bit where patients had designed their ideal place to be…

I don’t think you were meant to take photos but still go even though you’ve looked at my illuminating blog.

It’s free.

4 Colin Stars.


Martin x

“The years must have seemed endless.”

“Most left no trace beyond their medical records.”

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Quotes are good aren’t they?

#tibetssecrettemple @explorewellcome


It was two hours to wait to do the coloured mist thing.

So we didn’t.

This was good too.


“Birth, sickness, ageing and death flow ever onward without food or bridge… Have you prepared yourself a boat?”

Mahasiddha Padampa Sangye 

Blimey, I’ll get on to it…

“Some are bound by renouncing things. Others by these same things gain unsurpassable enlightenment.”

Mahasiddha Saraha

The second one sounds better. I’m that one. The unsurpassable enlightenment thing.

“It is with our emotion that we create demons and gods: those things we don’t want in our lives and world are the demons; those things which we would draw to us are the gods and goddesses. The rest is just scenery.”

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
My mum and dad walk me and give me food but gods? Hmm.

“I have seen in my wandering a great temples and shrines but none are as blissful as my own body.” 

Mahasiddha Saraha

There was a lot to read plus many statues and pictures and drapes.

I did like it.

“The mind is just like a body… You have to nourish it you have to clean it.”

A video at the end.

I mean it was all good stuff.

“They [children] don’t have a moment of silence.”


Aaah yes. It’s busy being a kid.

And a cultural staffy.

4 Colin Stars,


Martin x


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“Memory exists only when it is recalled.”


#aliceanderson @explorewellcome.

“Everyday things that surround us, that will outlive us, that we often barely acknowledge.”

Everyday things mummified in copper wire.

Everyday memories preserved on social media.

Some words: copper, coppers, car, coke, guitar, canoe, glasses, iron, bike, speakers, TV, phone, laptop.


They say:

“With this exhibition Alice Anderson shows that even those objects that ‘speak’ to us because of their familiarity are fundamentally altered by our experience of time. Anderson’s invitation to create a social sculpture will enable visitors to discover both the unstable nature of memory and its profoundly creative potent.”

We say:

“Really, really good.”


Martin x


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This is a family friendly blog so various words will need to be redacted in my review of an exhibition at the Welcome Collection.

At one point a man encourages you to get into a metal box to get your orgones going whatever that means….


Some words: *******, *******, Kate Bush, *********, strain guages, *******, an alsatian, groans, moans, wails, cries, ***********, the nazis, wind chimes, ***************, ************, urinal spray, Margaret Thatcher and ***.


Martin x


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There’s a lot of it about.
Art from people on the margins.
There was some in another place we went and i think another place too.
In the wellcome collection there is an exhibition of art from people with various needs from various agencies in Japan and there is a lot of it thats truly great.
Some of the pots. Bit suspect.
But in the humble (ha!) opinion of @thedogwhatblogs the paintings and drawings are compelling in an i-could-look-at-that-for-bloody-ages kinda way or striking in an oo-thats-big-blocks-of-red-and-black kinda way.
Oh yes I’m back.


Harley xx


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A lot happened today.
Cultural, life…
I suppose the cultural things were 3 galleries.
We don’t do things by halves.
Tho perhaps we should do things in more detail.
Gagosian: Some words: Protuberances (is that a word?)
Hus: Some words: leathery, church, knives
Crypt: Dark, church, flesh
There are lots of galleries called the crypt.
We stumbled on another.
I can’t be bothered to tell u about it.
I can’t be bothered to remember the names of the artists.
If you’re that interested.
Im guessing we weren’t.
We also went to Regents Park but couldn’t be bothered with the art thing because we wanted to sit on a bench and look at our pretentious art BOOK.
Bought some sonnets for tomorrow…
Had a nice tea with my nice friend Paul.
Lates at Wellcome… I’m tempted to talk about body parts but I have to be careful.
Sometimes if you do lots of things you are too tired to blog about them properly.
Sorry to waste your time.




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