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Quotes are good aren’t they?

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It was two hours to wait to do the coloured mist thing.

So we didn’t.

This was good too.


“Birth, sickness, ageing and death flow ever onward without food or bridge… Have you prepared yourself a boat?”

Mahasiddha Padampa Sangye 

Blimey, I’ll get on to it…

“Some are bound by renouncing things. Others by these same things gain unsurpassable enlightenment.”

Mahasiddha Saraha

The second one sounds better. I’m that one. The unsurpassable enlightenment thing.

“It is with our emotion that we create demons and gods: those things we don’t want in our lives and world are the demons; those things which we would draw to us are the gods and goddesses. The rest is just scenery.”

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
My mum and dad walk me and give me food but gods? Hmm.

“I have seen in my wandering a great temples and shrines but none are as blissful as my own body.” 

Mahasiddha Saraha

There was a lot to read plus many statues and pictures and drapes.

I did like it.

“The mind is just like a body… You have to nourish it you have to clean it.”

A video at the end.

I mean it was all good stuff.

“They [children] don’t have a moment of silence.”


Aaah yes. It’s busy being a kid.

And a cultural staffy.

4 Colin Stars,


Martin x


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Found ourself at a loose end in south kensington.

The foreign libraries were shut. Its like a petit france round there.

That means: “little france.”

Your welcome.


Theres still a lot to blog about there tho.

We are going to blog about 2 things…


Sneaking in to the natural history via the boring rocks section we sashayed towards the dinosaurs.

Perched over the main hall is 'Treasures' where they get to haul out some unthemed #oldshit… Greatest hits if you will… And put it all together.

It was reasonably reasonable #oldshit… Stuffed bird, fossils, painting of a man with a beard… U kno the score.

Their usp was some cool glass natural history statues made by some german chaps who died without letting anyone know how they did it.


Like jesus.

What a segway,

Now the mormans make their church look like an art gallery and the boy wonders eyes glittered.

A nice american lady told him all about how jesus came back in america and showed him her husbands organ.

As if to dazzle.



Ps One quirky religion and two quirky germans were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Like an evenings hospital radio……………


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I suppose we should just be joyful it exists.

Its v hard to be angry with a fan museum.

There are more things on heaven and earth than we can explain.

Like why a fan museum can charge 4 pounds and the phenomenal Maritime museum is free.

Some explain such phenomenon with religion.

Some look to dreams.

“I think being in London helps.”

Sure thing bucko.

“People are more open.”

“Release your root chakra.”

This is the Dream Cafe.

Or Costa as theyre popularly known.

A group where people discuss their dreams.

That’s what it is.

There’s nothing more to say.

Oh yes, theres little cards.

For insight.

Ours had a picture of a tree and a peach or it could be…

Some words…

Boobs, bum.

We never got to find out as we had to hot foot to hospital radio.

The things people do to make themselves quirky and interesting,






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Today I went to church.
It was the ‘launch night’ of the Alpha Course.
It lets people explore the big questions of life with canapes and champagne.
You have a meal so people make friends, then have a talk, then break into small groups to discuss.
At one point @albiestar used the word razzamatazz which was enjoyable.
Anyway you dont have to be a christian although most are.
Sometimes you just want a bit of stone walls, morals and dusty robes with your religion but if you’re going to reach out to a wider audience then I guess a bit of Lady Gaga with those morals can’t be a bad thing.




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