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“The world is but a great bedlam where those that are more mad lock up those who are less.”

‘Beyond Bedlam’ @explorewellcome.

All the little audio commentary things been taken you see so we actually had to read stuff.


There was a lot of old books but also a really good bit where patients had designed their ideal place to be…

I don’t think you were meant to take photos but still go even though you’ve looked at my illuminating blog.

It’s free.

4 Colin Stars.


Martin x

“The years must have seemed endless.”

“Most left no trace beyond their medical records.”

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When is a museum not a museum?

When its a cabinet.

Twinings Tea Museum is an unholy exaggeration.

We thought… We like tea… We like museums…

Shame on you.


The Royal Institute is good if you follow some crazy americans round.

Its passable.

Dont make a special trip.

If combining with the tea museum combine with something else as well…

U just aint sweet enough already.





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