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How to summarise a lost weekend of spoken word, sadness and nick clegg…


Like this

A) guildhall lates are lovely lates. Get ideas from meetup and float round antisocially on your own. Theres an amphitheatre dontcha know.

B) tv recording of 'the agenda' good, free and theres no need to be lonely with the internet. Find other lonely people to do stuff with.

Im a dog of few words.

Like Ezra Pound with worms.

Look it up.

Theres no excuse to be uncultured with the internet.






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A lot happened today.
Cultural, life…
I suppose the cultural things were 3 galleries.
We don’t do things by halves.
Tho perhaps we should do things in more detail.
Gagosian: Some words: Protuberances (is that a word?)
Hus: Some words: leathery, church, knives
Crypt: Dark, church, flesh
There are lots of galleries called the crypt.
We stumbled on another.
I can’t be bothered to tell u about it.
I can’t be bothered to remember the names of the artists.
If you’re that interested.
Im guessing we weren’t.
We also went to Regents Park but couldn’t be bothered with the art thing because we wanted to sit on a bench and look at our pretentious art BOOK.
Bought some sonnets for tomorrow…
Had a nice tea with my nice friend Paul.
Lates at Wellcome… I’m tempted to talk about body parts but I have to be careful.
Sometimes if you do lots of things you are too tired to blog about them properly.
Sorry to waste your time.




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If you have extraordinary life patterns late things are good.
Late movies, late openings, late night places to buy sugar…
Viva London.
We were very late tho for science museum lates (last weds of month). Animal rights activism… Il tell u later…
But sometimes its good to dip ones furry toe in a pond you might later want to dive into.
That. Is a metaphor.
We really would like to dive into silent discos.
Though it was quite funny to just watch.
The Science Museum id imagine is quite a scary place to be out ones tree. Like when in the distant past we were a bit drunk in the Tate Modern. Like a nightmare.
“What are all these big planes! Im in a war Im in a war!”
We were sucked in by some attendants to make a clock out of paper.
Never again.



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