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A lot happened today.
Cultural, life…
I suppose the cultural things were 3 galleries.
We don’t do things by halves.
Tho perhaps we should do things in more detail.
Gagosian: Some words: Protuberances (is that a word?)
Hus: Some words: leathery, church, knives
Crypt: Dark, church, flesh
There are lots of galleries called the crypt.
We stumbled on another.
I can’t be bothered to tell u about it.
I can’t be bothered to remember the names of the artists.
If you’re that interested.
Im guessing we weren’t.
We also went to Regents Park but couldn’t be bothered with the art thing because we wanted to sit on a bench and look at our pretentious art BOOK.
Bought some sonnets for tomorrow…
Had a nice tea with my nice friend Paul.
Lates at Wellcome… I’m tempted to talk about body parts but I have to be careful.
Sometimes if you do lots of things you are too tired to blog about them properly.
Sorry to waste your time.




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If you have extraordinary life patterns late things are good.
Late movies, late openings, late night places to buy sugar…
Viva London.
We were very late tho for science museum lates (last weds of month). Animal rights activism… Il tell u later…
But sometimes its good to dip ones furry toe in a pond you might later want to dive into.
That. Is a metaphor.
We really would like to dive into silent discos.
Though it was quite funny to just watch.
The Science Museum id imagine is quite a scary place to be out ones tree. Like when in the distant past we were a bit drunk in the Tate Modern. Like a nightmare.
“What are all these big planes! Im in a war Im in a war!”
We were sucked in by some attendants to make a clock out of paper.
Never again.



art me happy

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He is an ill thought out pacifist.
I… as a Staffordshire Bull Terrier on the mean streets of London’s Hornsey…
Know how to handle myself.
This museum is a good museum in terms of the aforementioned checklist if you ignore your lilly livered owner going: “#Oo i dont like war. I dont like it.”
On a purely museumy level it has some mightily well presented display cases.
We see an awful lot of display cases of tat on our travels.
…mentioning no names Tea ‘Museum’…
And these are dense (ha!) neat (ha!) and interesting (ha!).
Lots about the secret services which was genuinely literally genuinely fascinating and a bit about surviving in rationing etc.
Very, very nicely presented (ha!)



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Sometimes a blog or a day starts out as one thing but turns into another.

So naturally there was a meetup. Knitting. Noone home.

So clearly then there was a cafe and some irritatedness.

So then there was a museum (Cuming… Not, disappointingly about the scottish sometime gay star of 90s BBC xmas flick and Heinink staple 'Bernard and the Genie.')

Worth a look. Old shit. Dickens. Hes everywhere. Like Trinidad and Korea. Free.

But dont go to south london on purpose.

So then there was a gallery. Peter Blake at the Fine Art Society. Good to have a curator for art or life. He knows his onions. Nice to have fine art and modern art together. Great. Free.

He's a bit everywhere too. He's 80 or something.

Yes, there were boobs.

So then an evening activity. Or the first one.

We wanted to go on about 'Laughter Yoga' again.

About the importance of play and how the Southbank looks like a grownups playground with wheels, fairs, arts, bright colours and…talking wooden boxes.

But then we saw a film. 'The Imposter.'

Which twisted and turned all over the place.

Like a day. Like a relationship.

It was short too. We like short.



Theres someone sodcasting #onthistrain. Sub human scum.


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I suppose we should just be joyful it exists.

Its v hard to be angry with a fan museum.

There are more things on heaven and earth than we can explain.

Like why a fan museum can charge 4 pounds and the phenomenal Maritime museum is free.

Some explain such phenomenon with religion.

Some look to dreams.

“I think being in London helps.”

Sure thing bucko.

“People are more open.”

“Release your root chakra.”

This is the Dream Cafe.

Or Costa as theyre popularly known.

A group where people discuss their dreams.

That’s what it is.

There’s nothing more to say.

Oh yes, theres little cards.

For insight.

Ours had a picture of a tree and a peach or it could be…

Some words…

Boobs, bum.

We never got to find out as we had to hot foot to hospital radio.

The things people do to make themselves quirky and interesting,



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You know the other post we were making ill informed liberal left rants about oppressive police states?

Here’s another example.

Though I think we’ll let them off.

They are the Bank of England.

They have a free museum.

It is OK.

You get to lift a gold bar and pull your tongue out in gentle rebellion at the CCTV.

The old banknotes and shit are decent #eyecandy.

There are some videos that try to explain such things as inflation to stupid Politics graduates like the boy wonder.

All in all a respectable 2 and half out of 5.

Dont take the kids.


Heres another case of joining the splodges…

You know the other post we were making ill informed philistine rants at black and white photography @tate?

Well we saw another parade of black and whites today at the Timothy Taylor gallery in Mayfair (hoooowww Iiii beloooonged).

These were of, for want of a better word, freaks.

They were freaks.

Hey Im a Staffy I dont do PC. This is an edgy blog. Political balance.

There was many nudists.

Some words: cock, boobs, fanny.

And cross dressers.

It was very interesting.

More interesting than #anotherlondon anyway.

This was #anotherworld.

Although he’s been known to flirt with the fringes.




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Soane Museum.

We went there.

We didnt really like it.

It was like they didnt want u to be there.

Its the most astonishing building with some reasonable dusty things inside.

Thats a balanced review cos theres a good sentence and a bad sentence.

We also saw some olympic medals in the british museum.

Fun for one second.

Mildly diverted by old clocks.

History needs to be brought alive.






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Il tell u one thing about the egyptians.

They bloody love a pot.

Somethings are wondrous for their existence if not their content.

I mean, i love a pot as much as the next staff, but there were


At the Petrie Museum (UCL).

We quite like just saying the name.

Free and friendly and fascinating despite a recurrent theme.

Combine it with the nearby Wellcome Collection for a Reasonable Afternoon.

Thats your lot children.

We're doing a lovely park for me tommorrow with art for im.

Cant tell u where but im not allowed in the gardens tho the exhibition told daddy on twitter theyd look after me (isnt that nice) while he pretends he knows more than he does.

Hes a fraud,




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Heres another little something.

UCL has little fantastic museums.

We are collecting the set.

See! We dont just glibly go on about modern art and being sad and penniless.

We glibly go on about museums and being sad and penniless.

Oo thats a good link.

At the UCL Art Gallery there was a cabinet on our favourite George Orwell.

Down and Out in Paris and London.

It had old books. Like a British Library exhibition but shorter and freer.

We think thats always better.

It had some other interesting cabinets and a display all about londontown from contemporary artists.

Fascinating skyscrapers based on the three little pigs.

There is also a japaneseish garden for sunning. We like japan and sun and peace.





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she only talked thru the reflection of a mirror OR never mind the pollocks

Think of my blog as nothing less than a guide to life itself.

We have branded the hours 4-6 as 'The Culture Shift.'

Today we were very depressed as its the school holidays…

So we thought: “Pollocks…”

Let's go to a toy museum.

And its was the dogs…

Ram packed with old toy based fun well worth 6 pounds and around 45min of life.

Tea Museums. Take note.


From the ikkle to the huge.

We promised u a biting review of @tate #modern tanks.

I was heard to remark: “A unique space that has a lasting impression.”

Seroiusly… It wasnt disappointing.

It was nice sitting in a cave watching an odd korean lady drawing snakes on another lady's neck. Its was a solid 6/10 feeling.

And then… Walking down Hornsey hotspot turnpike lane we got hit by a 'oo that was actually quite cool' 8/10 feeling.

Maybe pay for a show for 10/10 rather than cheapskate the free bits… A film in one little round room and a soundtrack about old ladies in a tiny round room.

You had to be there.




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