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Art is good.

Music is good.

So, get this, @strandgallery.

You can have both.

Suede. The Wild Ones.

There blurry type photos.

But they do, like he says, capture the intrinsic abandon.

Pop in.

10 minutes will do you then you can go some where else.


Martin x


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Il be honest…

Classical music.

I thought…

Not my cup of tea.

But it can be quite rock and roll.

So while Colin may like a bit of studiedeyesclosedgentleheadbobbingandsmiling

I like to bang heads.

But actually if u get the right gig…

(Northern sinfonia at the sparkly new milton court @barbicancentre)

There can be electricity.

With two soloists (violin and viola)

A boy and a girl

Theres practically sparring.

Or maybe kissing.


Nuff said,


Martin x



Coming up… Paul Klee @tate…


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Now this is more my sort of thing.

Rock and roll.

Especially free rock and roll.

Was in a boozer in Shoreditch.

I donned my porkpie hat. Got myself a pint.

Bedded in.

Now they werent famous. But i like to see whats up and coming now iv got this blog.

Something to do anyway.


Martin x



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I think it was Colin Heinink… or was it EF Schumacher… (someone like that anyway) who said those famous words.

Its certainly true as both a model  for arts and ents funding and for feeling wholesome and involved.

We angel invested in our favourite band.

But all sorts of sites let you invest in all sorts of things.

The speaker at scanners night used…

unbound to fund his book.

There is loads tho…

kickstarter :general

music: pledgemusic, bandcamp and recently

Have a play,



Gratuitous @mylifestoryuk shot? Sod it we own em (ish… a small bit)


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“You’ll never see the stars, if you dont go out at night.”

Well this little doggy has. Filling the void with stuff.

Even when sad and confused its important to do something. Anything.

We hauled ourself to Boetti @tate modern and if relaxed us with randomness and childlike playfulness.

Combined with a free 1 on 1 tour of the Arte Povera galleries.

Tate Modern runs free tours of its permanent collections at 11, 12, 2 and 3. Top tip

Also worth treating your eyes to the squid in the Level 2 gallery which is always free and always cool.

We dragged ourself to @mylifestoryuk with sparkly, uplifting lyrics like the above and below…

“And if you took my hand would I still be blind? Cos u dont sparkle. You dont shine.”

We do. Seeking similar.


Harley xx


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