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They used suitcases for doors.


Bartok ‘Bluebeards Castle’ @barbicancentre @bbcso.


“I come here because I love you. Now you must open all your doors.”

Took the lovely Alyssa Russo for a lovely evening of lovely classical music.


“There’s no turning back now.”


There was sort of a restricted view and you couldn’t take your wine in.


“Are you afraid?”


Martin xx

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Il be honest…

Classical music.

I thought…

Not my cup of tea.

But it can be quite rock and roll.

So while Colin may like a bit of studiedeyesclosedgentleheadbobbingandsmiling

I like to bang heads.

But actually if u get the right gig…

(Northern sinfonia at the sparkly new milton court @barbicancentre)

There can be electricity.

With two soloists (violin and viola)

A boy and a girl

Theres practically sparring.

Or maybe kissing.


Nuff said,


Martin x



Coming up… Paul Klee @tate…


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I was originally going to write this blog on something else…

But a thing has occured to me. If you sit in the barbican you can enjoy not only their free wifi but free quality concerts!

I know… Im a staffordshire bull terrier killing live music…. hey… sometimes I pay.

And to be honest this little dog and the boy @albiestar have been known to rest their eyes occasionally during @lso.



Well apart from that theres a great exhibition in the curve gallery which is greatly free. All sorts of crap some woman wouldnt throw out.

Like our flat.

Yes, I said crap.

Im edgy.


Obviously there was a @meetup along the way. Central London Humanists. Interesting. Dawkins etcetera.

Very big meetup tho. Not quite sure that works as well as the smaller ones.

That was criticism.

I am a critic.


Reading @timeout I was interested to find Dan Cox’s/Andy Holden’s #thinglytime had made it to @cubittgallery.

I saw it in Cambridge so i did.

Im well travelled…

It says here:

“Although the Thingly Time of the most viscious parts of the Chewy Cosmos seem to be embodied only in nature’s most Sublime creations, this need not necessarily be the case.”

Yeah, yeah… lots of books.

Too many.






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People from all over the world are requesting blog posts now…. It’s all jolly exciting.

After having what is in common parlance known as ‘a day of it’ @albiestar and I dragged our feet/paws* onto the tube to listen to the awesome BBC symphony orchestra at the wonderful barbican in the hope of calming the stresses….

Word to the wise classical music newbees/blogging canine fans…

Try to choose compositions appropriate to your mood… Sibelius a minor was rather stressfull, Prokoviev’s Piano Concerto in d flat major frantic and Stravinsky’s Petruska tormented.

That’s exactly how we felt,



Ps *always carry dogs on escalators


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