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Young Business Staffy of the Year

I think he might be thrown out.

He’s not very smart.

Meanwhile i am going to:

“build my brand”

“attract opportunity”

“make more money”

and “do what i love”…



Now iv stopped being glib and sat and listened.

It is v v interesting the skills of presenting things.

What not to forget is content.

Because not everyone is as clever as this Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

These people were so passionate, slick and at the same time open it really taught us things about things we don’t really understand.




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I think it was Colin Heinink… or was it EF Schumacher… (someone like that anyway) who said those famous words.

Its certainly true as both a model  for arts and ents funding and for feeling wholesome and involved.

We angel invested in our favourite band.

But all sorts of sites let you invest in all sorts of things.

The speaker at scanners night used…

unbound to fund his book.

There is loads tho…

kickstarter :general

music: pledgemusic, bandcamp and recently


Have a play,



Gratuitous @mylifestoryuk shot? Sod it we own em (ish… a small bit)


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Today i am blogging about scanners night.

Every month there is a talk for people with more than one creative idea and theres a little online community too.

A couple of months ago we revamped our blog following a talk from Betty Herbert (@betty52) of ’52 Seductions.’

The boy wonder @albiestar has asked me not to comment on his declining* sex life but to focus on the blog.

Anyway, tonight was Barbara Winter (@joblessmuse) about multiple pfofit centres.

Well we have multiple hobby centres.

Multiple volunteering centres.

This means im still on Sainsburys basics and the boys clad in last years topman.

Anywho Scanners is great for picking up tips, and websites, and reading ideas and contacts and we rather like it.

Anyhow one day we will sell @thedogwhatblogs to an entertanment behemoth and spend our days in the sun.

Or perhaps just continue making mildly funny commentaries on excursions to bethnal green art galleries.

Its the excitement of not knowing folks,




*’declining’ is not really the right word…


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