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Now this is more my sort of thing.

Rock and roll.

Especially free rock and roll.

Was in a boozer in Shoreditch.

I donned my porkpie hat. Got myself a pint.

Bedded in.

Now they werent famous. But i like to see whats up and coming now iv got this blog.

Something to do anyway.


Martin x



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Humorous incident on overground from Highbury:

Punter 001: Is this train for Crystal Palace?
Punter 002: No, you want the other platform mate.

[punter 001 dismounts]
(albiepanick for albiestar… he thinks… “Oh”)
Announcement: This is a london overground service to Crystal Palace.
Punter 002 and your hero @albiestar: [grin then laugh]
Your hero @albiestar: I wasnt confident enough to correct you!

No you cant have an @audioboo… you’ll take my word for it.


We like things you came ‘nip in and out of’ almost as much as we like things that are free here @thedogwhatblogs.

Not by great forethought, design or destiny we found ourself again this week in london’s glittering ‘Shoreditch.’
There is a place called box park.
It is lots of shops in boxes.
It sells things that are coolio and nice and then you go “how much. No that’s too expensive.”

“The advent of the camera phone… has shifted photography back to the centre of pop culture.”

And allows him to take many pictures of me from various beguiling angles.
I have a very prominent willy.

Anyway, there is an exhibition of camera phone pix and accompanying it some poetry and noisy music.

Im more a Radio 3 man but when in Rome.

We say: Coolio.

“The city clings to you like a bad cologne.”

Amen, brother.





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