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Go on an Instagram Meetup.

Take photos, explore London, look at your phone, talk to nice people.

I’m not asking you. I’m telling you.


Martin x


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A little app, a lot of london.


Today Instagram reminded me of the Horniman Museum.

It was doing a fetey thing where there were all the feathers and fancy of carnival.

But 1st I had to go to the beautiful aquarium which I love.

It’s only small but it has…

Some words…

Starfish, poisonous frogs, butterflies (I know… Cheating), four eyed fish, seahorses, jellyfish, crabs and anemones.



Martin x


That’s my friend Smila

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Im not going to lie to you its a bloody long way up.

St Pauls.

A lot of up and then a lot of down.

Im not going to lie to you it was bloody amazing.

Views of london innit.

How much?

15 pounds to you sir.

You can go back.

Go on a photo walk with some nice people.


Then u can look at the pictures and do liking if ur bored at home.

Nuff said.

Sorted etc


Martin x



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Humorous incident on overground from Highbury:

Punter 001: Is this train for Crystal Palace?
Punter 002: No, you want the other platform mate.

[punter 001 dismounts]
(albiepanick for albiestar… he thinks… “Oh”)
Announcement: This is a london overground service to Crystal Palace.
Punter 002 and your hero @albiestar: [grin then laugh]
Your hero @albiestar: I wasnt confident enough to correct you!

No you cant have an @audioboo… you’ll take my word for it.


We like things you came ‘nip in and out of’ almost as much as we like things that are free here @thedogwhatblogs.

Not by great forethought, design or destiny we found ourself again this week in london’s glittering ‘Shoreditch.’
There is a place called box park.
It is lots of shops in boxes.
It sells things that are coolio and nice and then you go “how much. No that’s too expensive.”

“The advent of the camera phone… has shifted photography back to the centre of pop culture.”

And allows him to take many pictures of me from various beguiling angles.
I have a very prominent willy.

Anyway, there is an exhibition of camera phone pix and accompanying it some poetry and noisy music.

Im more a Radio 3 man but when in Rome.

We say: Coolio.

“The city clings to you like a bad cologne.”

Amen, brother.





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Yesterday in the midst of shattered glass and life we traipsed round Bermondsey and Rotherhithe on a one man (and his dogwhatblogs) south london art map tour.

Yes, you’re right, we went on one before with the instagram folk.

We cant be originally cultural every day.

To be briefly vulgar you pay what you afford and then have a lovely time discover hidden gem galleries.

We first went the west lane south gallery and saw robert cary williams haunting/disturbing/marvellous blend of fashion and sculpture ‘Jackets for Hooligans.’

Then to vibe gallery for a collection of works around the concept of the Annulus…

Time to cut and paste…

The Annulus is a term used to describe the space between two concentric cylinders. The inner cylinder is the central core the outer cylinder, the periphery.


One can translate this idea of the space in between, to metaphorically describe the art world. For example we would locate the Damian Hirsts of the world close to the central core and we would locate those often described as outsider artists on the periphery. Our aim is to act as a vehicle with which to navigate the annulus.”

There you go then. Paint tubes on the floor. Like our house. Shards of glass on the floor. Like our house.

The next bit was awesome…

In the amazing v22 space we saw some performance art involving some pendulums…

Okay we’re not selling it again… Heres a vid…


Ok you have to be there…

It really is a tremendous use of the vastness of the space.

Where else? Finally the curiously cool worlds end space…

Pub stroke gallery. Lovely.

We like stuff about time and the painted over mirrors gave the boy wonder @albiestar a further chance to take a pic of himself… His favourite pastime.

We are so effortlessly cool.



go on part two of the tour https://www.facebook.com/events/298481690246647/

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Look at me blogging again!

Today me and the boy wonder went on a photo walk.

It was almost so unbelievably exciting that we exploded.

Because it combined photography with art galleries.

Which could be any day.

But its good to have an excuse.

STEP ONE… Instagram…

Now available on Android as well as Apple.


If we detach our photosnobcircuits there’s a lot that can be achieved with this little app and an iphone and even more with a few more little apps.

We like…




No ones paying us! They should… i need to move off basics dog food… its soul destroying.


There are lovely people like you who are very fond of taking pix with their phones.




There are 1000s of galleries in this city providing incredible eye food for free.

Today we went on a tour with this…

South London Art Map




South London Art Map

But we love East London too.

They reasonably suggest a donation for a bit of extra insight and convenience but really…

Art Galleries in London… Time Out London

Fly my prettys!



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