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 Victoria and Albert Museum. Shoes: Pleasure and Pain.

Some words:

Red shoes, pointy shoes, furry shoes, glass shoes, lovebird shoes, anemone shoes, surreal shoes, gold shoes, pompon shoes, beaded shoes, pink shoes, transparent shoes, royal shoes, golf shoes, fairy tale shoes, french shoes, space shoes, Jimmy Choo shoes, rainbow shoes, platform shoes, silver shoes, silver platform shoes, wedding shoes, kick ass shoes, bubble shoes, tiny shoes, cad shoes, brazen shoes.

And, I nearly missed them, secreted behind a velvet curtain, a certain type of shoe.

All pleasure.


Colin, sorry, Martin x


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I like the tube strike.

Leave early.

Pay a cheque in or something.

Go to an ‘off west end’ gallery or something.

Perhaps that’s not the point.


First lets do the exhibition @_thewhitechapel that wasn’t so good…

Corin Sworn (good name)

Some words: big fat brown rod, decanters, mice, robes, fairy lights… You get the picture.

Sort of 3 Colin Starsish.

Now the really good one:

Rivane Neuenschwander.

Some words: Ebola, fear, clowns, guns, knives, thunder, God, fear, children’s clothes.

Sounds good, right?

5 Colin Stars.


Martin xx


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