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The Photographer’s Gallery has reopened.

We went.

We like that its down a little alley off Oxford Street.

I like the smell of galleries. Boxfresh.

We like free.

They have an exhibition called oil.

By a man called Edward Burtynsky.

Behold a series of nice big pix about not nice oil and its life cycle.

Some words: striking, black, repetition (we like repetition), Azerbaijan, tires, cans, aeroplanes, no cock, no fanny, death, carcasses, awe, pipes, lines, disaster, ohhhh america, scale, vast, devastating horror, pollution, scum.

Eat your heart out time out.

What we liked more than all those words though was another exhibition from a collective called Raq’s Media Collective.

Indian folk.

a) a photo that faded in and out with a moving element. Fun for 5 minutes.

b) We LOVVVVVVED this… ’37 Planes of Emotion.’

Cue @thedogwhatblogs #underselling/#youhavetobethere…

Rectangles of perspex with coloured edges and collection nouns.

“A whimsical comment on the image.”

I guess you’ll have to go…




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Today me and the boy wonder drifted through our fine capital on a tidal wave of cruxifying depression.

First we drifted to books for free.

Books are normally calming. Free is normally calming.

We needed more calming.

On the way home our cruxifying depression wave came to rest at the shores (this metaphore has no future) of the Haunch of Venison.

It used to be in that wondrous place off regent st but now its a bit less glam on New Bond St.

But still wondrous for the soul.

The boy wonder basically likes big colourful shapes and that is what he got.

Listen to this! Its interesting… You know fontana guides? To artists, philosophers and what not… Well… Some were not published and Jamie Shovlin has created covers for them using a possibly spurious system based on facts such as word counts and… Whether they were a nobel prize winner.

Im sometimes not the best at describing how wondrous things are.

We love art related to human being attempts to create order in the cruxifyingly depressing randomness of life.

We love colour wheels and keys and eavesdropping on art conversations.

See goetherocks.blogspot.co.uk

Anyway It reminded us of Boetti @Tate and his random categorising ofvthe uncategorisable.

Anyway big brightly coloured book covers…. Go.

Its free.



Haunch of venison


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I was originally going to write this blog on something else…

But a thing has occured to me. If you sit in the barbican you can enjoy not only their free wifi but free quality concerts!

I know… Im a staffordshire bull terrier killing live music…. hey… sometimes I pay.

And to be honest this little dog and the boy @albiestar have been known to rest their eyes occasionally during @lso.



Well apart from that theres a great exhibition in the curve gallery which is greatly free. All sorts of crap some woman wouldnt throw out.

Like our flat.

Yes, I said crap.

Im edgy.


Obviously there was a @meetup along the way. Central London Humanists. Interesting. Dawkins etcetera.

Very big meetup tho. Not quite sure that works as well as the smaller ones.

That was criticism.

I am a critic.


Reading @timeout I was interested to find Dan Cox’s/Andy Holden’s #thinglytime had made it to @cubittgallery.

I saw it in Cambridge so i did.

Im well travelled…

It says here:

“Although the Thingly Time of the most viscious parts of the Chewy Cosmos seem to be embodied only in nature’s most Sublime creations, this need not┬ánecessarily┬ábe the case.”

Yeah, yeah… lots of books.

Too many.






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