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Some words: peace, death, deliberately no boobs, prosthetics, no cock, deliberately no fanny, trumpet.

Pippy Houldsworth.

Containing the Possible.


Thats your review.

What do you want,  blood?



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Saville Row.

Stylish Staffy about town.

Two galleries.

7min from Oxford Circus.

1) Hauser and Wirth. Gallermo Kuitca.
We thought “Oo they look like maps.”
And lo and behold in the little leaflet it says they’re from maps.
Maps are great art.
Yes, yes, yes the tube map.
Some words: tubey, mountainy, no cock, vast, ducks, no fanny, dissolving into abstraction, no boobs.

Hop over the road…

this is 5 minute art…

If you were going to writing after or something you could fit it in…

2) Ordovas. Calder.
some words: mobiles, no boobs, playful, no cock, shadows, no fanny, jingle jangle, primary colours.

25 min and you are back on the tube all imaged up with a place to go…

Il let you know how crap he was in the quiz.

Its a league… you know… I told you.



and god we loved her


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Just a quicky on Henry Moore @gagosian.

Big. V big.

Easilly digestable in a lunch hour, a tea break or a look.

If you have a friend they can take a picture of you sticking your head through a hole and put it on @instagram.

We want to know how he makes them. We shall go on Wikipedia.

We have a ‘theory on art’ which we’re saving for the weekend…



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Its been a while.

Quit your whining we’ve been depressed.

So today was board games in Crouch End. Nothing to write home about or indeed nothing to write to the universe about. Pleasant.

We like pleasant.

Yesterday we did the highbrow low brow thing.

Its a theme if you will.

You can make up your mind which is which.

We began learning how to invigilate @thestonespace.

Its a gallery in Leytonstone. Nearly as desirable as Hornsey.

The current exhibition is called ‘Remote Cities’ by Eleanor Bedlow.

Im cutting and pasting cos im lazy…

In ‘Remote Cities’, Bedlow introduces us to an imagined landscape from a surreal world where the Imaginary cities that occupy her mind are formulated into models and then into drawings. For the first time, extracts from these imaginary cities will be shown as sculptures alongside her drawing.
Either through migration or growing up, the places that we remember occupying, change and leave us to become a memory.” 

Like they said. Hey, I’m busy actually doing stuff.

Followed it up with… wait for it…

Wait for it…

An Orient win!

I think they actually played well but we having a bit of an internal time of it but at least it wasn’t too cold.

Aaand finally… we sashayed to the Maureen Paley gallery in Bethnal Green for much chillingness…

Stick this is your blogpipe and smoke it… re: Thomas Eggerer exhibition…

In the exhibition, Eggerer continues to develop his interest in portraying groups of people in large spatial expanses. In addition, he explores a more focused study of piano virtuoso Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, shown at his piano in three new portraits.

Its true.

Thomas Eggerer was born in Munich, Germany and studied painting at the Art Academy in Munich. In the mid-1990s he collaborated with Jochen Klein on a series of projects relating to questions of identity and public space

Damn we were meant to make this blog ‘Easilly digestible with a cup of tea. And a digestive.” Elevator pitch. I can do business.

Anyway you’ve had all you can take.

In other news we’ve been falling apart and doing hospital radio.

Thankyou and goodnight.



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Today’s post is to be called tranquil because me and the boy @albiestar have been trying to calm down from the stresses of illness, wives, london and lonely.

The first thing we did was predictably go to an art gallery. This was a new 1. It was in Bow. Its was surreal. Wunderkammer. Cabinets. Wierd shit. The boy wants to do a rival blog on them. He wont… He doesnt stick with things.

Anyway, the exhibition was v cool and big in ideas in a kinda ‘what is art’ way. Students from Wimbledon Art School. It was new and old and quirky and traditional and encompassed, er, everything.

People liked a projection of someone with writing paper on an actual table.


Combine with free choral evensong therapy in st pauls. We dont do god on this blog but we do do great singing and we do do amazing buildings.

Look im plugging Christianity.

Wrapped up with poetry jam open mike @theteabox in Richmond.

Wondrous. Lovely. Nice.


Harley xx



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I was originally going to write this blog on something else…

But a thing has occured to me. If you sit in the barbican you can enjoy not only their free wifi but free quality concerts!

I know… Im a staffordshire bull terrier killing live music…. hey… sometimes I pay.

And to be honest this little dog and the boy @albiestar have been known to rest their eyes occasionally during @lso.



Well apart from that theres a great exhibition in the curve gallery which is greatly free. All sorts of crap some woman wouldnt throw out.

Like our flat.

Yes, I said crap.

Im edgy.


Obviously there was a @meetup along the way. Central London Humanists. Interesting. Dawkins etcetera.

Very big meetup tho. Not quite sure that works as well as the smaller ones.

That was criticism.

I am a critic.


Reading @timeout I was interested to find Dan Cox’s/Andy Holden’s #thinglytime had made it to @cubittgallery.

I saw it in Cambridge so i did.

Im well travelled…

It says here:

“Although the Thingly Time of the most viscious parts of the Chewy Cosmos seem to be embodied only in nature’s most Sublime creations, this need not necessarily be the case.”

Yeah, yeah… lots of books.

Too many.






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Another day when my owner was being all kinds of weird and sick so I took myself of to some little corners of the capital on my own…
With oyster in paw (interesting phrase) I first traipsed to glamourous Leytonstone on advice from his lordship @albiestar (“I’m always in sodding Leytonstone”).
Theres a little gallery there. Its called The Stone Space and its on the ground floor of the library building.
Now this little staffy* likes things that are short and cool and free… their current exhibition features mixed media about humogenise… I can’t spell that word… I’m a dog.
About things looking the same.
So if you ever find yourself in Leytonstone with 5 minutes to spare… get back on the train… no seriously theres an arts scene… there is! I shall provide links at the bottom.
All of east london is festooned with art.
Too much.
Recently your humble narrator has been subscribing to a philosophy called ‘The Artists Way’ (linkage below) by Julia which is a good excuse for pouncing around all these galleries.
Its all about releasing the inner artist (now my problem is sometimes keeping it in) and treating yourself to cultural experiences… I said “Im already there Julia… have you seen my blog?”
So after the meet up for this in the cafe at St Martins in the Crypt I fell upon an exhibition of collage stuff which was all very interesting. Bits of which are illegally spliced on my instagram. Im a devil.
Oo this is getting long… on the tube I’m bored.
Anyway it was by Leslie Bennett whose “recent work involves cutting circles out of graph paper…”

Modern art eh?



*’little stuffy’ is spell checked first as ‘little stuffy’ then ‘little stiffy’

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