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Lynette Yiadom-Boakye@serpentineuk

“Painting for me is the subject.”


Some words: I think she’s a good painter and quite clever but I don’t like them.

Ok, I like the way she does the eyes and I like the parrot.


Martin x


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Big head

Thomas Schutte.
Serpentine Gallery.
Big heads.
Daddy’s got a big head.
Take that how you like.
Take it both ways.
What to say about this?
Big heads really.
Sometimes there were little heads watching the big heads.
We @thedogwhatblogs find the serpentine gallery is a good passing through sort of gallery if your trekking from a calm continental library to a writing group in a Starbucks.
Im offering you a whole lifestyle here punters.



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Its not just a catchy title ohhhh no.

Today me and the boy wonder @albiestar have been having a Japanese day.

A triumphant return to the world of origami @oliverscafe fired a spark in his head and thus begun our oriental adventures.

Perhaps we’re #overegging this.

Like we do with marriages and pretentious art exhibitions.

So post-folding we sashayed over to the @serpentinegallery.

Shall we tell you why?

Yoko Ono.

Fuck me I dont know if anyones noticed but shes absolutely billybonkers.

On a scale of 1-10 where my owner is a good seven she’s a clear nine.

Some words: dirt, jigsaws, pubic hair, perspex, army hats, yes John Lennon, blurry things, magrittian apple business, notepads, bums, no frontal penises or fannys.

It was kind of a link with the imagine (ha!) exhibition I didnt write about.

Letting you be the artist blah blah blah.

Being lazy.

There was a wishing tree.

Not wanting to be racist but…

There’s a different set of priorities in the orient. And we dont mean Leyton (ha!).

Is that racist?

Im not sure staffordshire bull terriers can be racist so I will continue…

Don’t worry im nearly finished…

We went to @japancentre which contains all wonder of kooky merriment.

Some of it yummy.

There was a heated debate where a man who was being told off for dripping sushi on some saucy tomes.

It was very funny.







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