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Big head

Thomas Schutte.
Serpentine Gallery.
Big heads.
Daddy’s got a big head.
Take that how you like.
Take it both ways.
What to say about this?
Big heads really.
Sometimes there were little heads watching the big heads.
We @thedogwhatblogs find the serpentine gallery is a good passing through sort of gallery if your trekking from a calm continental library to a writing group in a Starbucks.
Im offering you a whole lifestyle here punters.



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Saville Row.

Stylish Staffy about town.

Two galleries.

7min from Oxford Circus.

1) Hauser and Wirth. Gallermo Kuitca.
We thought “Oo they look like maps.”
And lo and behold in the little leaflet it says they’re from maps.
Maps are great art.
Yes, yes, yes the tube map.
Some words: tubey, mountainy, no cock, vast, ducks, no fanny, dissolving into abstraction, no boobs.

Hop over the road…

this is 5 minute art…

If you were going to writing after or something you could fit it in…

2) Ordovas. Calder.
some words: mobiles, no boobs, playful, no cock, shadows, no fanny, jingle jangle, primary colours.

25 min and you are back on the tube all imaged up with a place to go…

Il let you know how crap he was in the quiz.

Its a league… you know… I told you.



and god we loved her



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The @BritishLibrary.

Fuck iv got a lot of books to read.

And im still struggling with my “Who’s who in the archers.”

Chilled coffeey wifiiiy free laptop parking space.

With similar if you sit with a Write Together @meetup.

Theyre everywhere… Like dr dre headphones or collapsing european economies…

Then, should you fancy, potter down to the ‘Writing Britain’ exhibition.

They say: “Novels, poetry and plays can shape our perceptions and transform our places through imagination.”

Time out says: “…” Similar.

We @thedogwhatblogs say: “A tenner is a lot for an excuse for them to get their dusty books out.” It is interesting and there are headphones and videos. Go if your a concession…

I tried to pretend I was a guide dog declaring: “The boy wonder @albiestar is blind to all reason” but they weren’t impressed.

Their loss.







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