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Quantum Physics says I can be in two places at the same time.
Kennel’s in Norfolk/gallery in the Alps.
Google it.


So we went to this gallery.
In the Alps.
Here is some of the art:

What’s all that about?
Human condition innit.

Endlessly changing.

The stones are sort of a zen garden and sort of about erosion.

So the man gave us a rock and told us to engrave love or something on it.
We used a biro.
And anyway eroding love seemed a bit sad so we chose something that was kind of sad in the passing but also optimistic as changing into something new.

We then had to put the stone in a stream and the artist is going to make a map on social media or something.



Martin x

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Found ourself at a loose end in south kensington.

The foreign libraries were shut. Its like a petit france round there.

That means: “little france.”

Your welcome.


Theres still a lot to blog about there tho.

We are going to blog about 2 things…


Sneaking in to the natural history via the boring rocks section we sashayed towards the dinosaurs.

Perched over the main hall is 'Treasures' where they get to haul out some unthemed #oldshit… Greatest hits if you will… And put it all together.

It was reasonably reasonable #oldshit… Stuffed bird, fossils, painting of a man with a beard… U kno the score.

Their usp was some cool glass natural history statues made by some german chaps who died without letting anyone know how they did it.


Like jesus.

What a segway,

Now the mormans make their church look like an art gallery and the boy wonders eyes glittered.

A nice american lady told him all about how jesus came back in america and showed him her husbands organ.

As if to dazzle.



Ps One quirky religion and two quirky germans were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Like an evenings hospital radio……………


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