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“An average person loses 200000 bits and bobs in their lifetime.”

Should be more careful.

Some words: tickets, coins, combs, playing cards, clips, pens, money, oysters, grandparents.

They build a history out of these things don’t they.

This one was Rainham Hall. It is one of those merchant houses from the olden times.

You know the ones.

This one was good.


Imagine if you could only take 10 things somewhere.
Mummy and daddy said:

Below Eli but above each other.

Il take that.

5 Colin Stars.

It was very good.


Martin x

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“Reading, embroidering, entertaining guests or strolling in the private garden.”

Wasn’t a bad life.


@EastburyManor House, Barking. @nationaltrust.


What’s this?

“No respectable Tudor lady wore knickers not even the queen.”


I was wondering about urine?

“Washerwoman used it as a stain remover.
Cloth makers used it to clean there wool.
Dyers added it to their coloured dyes to stop the colours from washing out.”

I use it to mark my territory.

The rooms were good when they had stuff in.

Particularly enjoyed the “chamber above the buttery.”

3 Colin Stars,


Martin x

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In somewhat of a follow up to the world famous openhouse blog post which we are still feeling the waves from now…


I went to a talk by the Hornsey Historical Society.

It was about an old school house.

How it was built and renervated.

This may not sound much.

But its not telly.

And its not radio.

And its not cinema.

And its not art

Its learning.








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Open house is as much fun in the rain as watching Oliver!

However after listening to some old stories (church*… For the social scene…) we listened to some old stories about an old school.

Some people are so dedicated to the pursuit of local history in a very extraordinarilly impressively impassioned way.

Look no glibness!

Now we were well aware Hornsey is a v desirable postcode but i never knew it was so interesting.

Home is always interesting.




*next wk: islam… Tho they got very cross when i weed on the mosque so maybe not.


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