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Heres a great organisation.

Im not sure i can describe it better than them:




Ok il have a go.

Think of the scouts without the militaristic/religious bits.

Et voila!


Anyway children can be all sorts of things but most of all they can be very funny in ways adults cant.







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In somewhat of a follow up to the world famous openhouse blog post which we are still feeling the waves from now…


I went to a talk by the Hornsey Historical Society.

It was about an old school house.

How it was built and renervated.

This may not sound much.

But its not telly.

And its not radio.

And its not cinema.

And its not art

Its learning.








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We didnt have the emotional energy for this blog yday for a number of reasons.

We always protested… “Hornsey is the place to be.”

It, like many things, fell on deaf ears but me and the boywonder @albiestar are often right.

Homsey Town hall itself is interesting… One of the first modernist structures or something.

Its all v art deco.

Anyway its all v art too because it houses @artangel projects.

At the moment in its corridors and council chambers it houses neon signs, memorabilia, posters and 3 films by Yael Bartana.These films are about a Polish jew who begins by calling the diaspora who have left Poland to return and assert there jewishness alongside the polishness in a celebration of now.

I cant really do this amount of history, culture and religion justice.

Im a staffordshire bull terrier.

But if you’re in Hornsey at the weekend-and lets face it who isnt?-



Sashayed along then to laughter yoga where we got chucked out The Royal Festival Hall…

But you’ve gotta laugh?…







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