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Im not one for long fancy words.

You know that.

But its good to think.

You can do it here.

Philosophy for all. All day festival.

Talks are interesting if theres nothing on telly.

Especially if theyre free. And the people are nice.

There was a competition at one point to dress up as a zombie.

Sorry i missed it.

Accessible is the word. That's a medium sized one.





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Young Business Staffy of the Year

I think he might be thrown out.

He’s not very smart.

Meanwhile i am going to:

“build my brand”

“attract opportunity”

“make more money”

and “do what i love”…



Now iv stopped being glib and sat and listened.

It is v v interesting the skills of presenting things.

What not to forget is content.

Because not everyone is as clever as this Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

These people were so passionate, slick and at the same time open it really taught us things about things we don’t really understand.




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In somewhat of a follow up to the world famous openhouse blog post which we are still feeling the waves from now…


I went to a talk by the Hornsey Historical Society.

It was about an old school house.

How it was built and renervated.

This may not sound much.

But its not telly.

And its not radio.

And its not cinema.

And its not art

Its learning.








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Here goes.
We kicked off with Lenin.
There was a funny story of a policeman in a cupboard.
Then there was Cromwell.
Messy business.
Exhumed corpses.
Then there was someone i wasn’t really listening too cos i was playing on my phone.
Then there was John Wilkes who seemed a nice chap.
Womaniser with a big chin.
Love a funny guide.
She’s on the old audioboo.


Then we got a bit distracted because there was a museum about the St John’s ambulance.

IMG 3116


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global superstar

Today Colin and I went to a talk about blogging, via the london bloggers @meetup.

There were 4 speakers from @tiredoflondon (he was funny) @londonist @anniemole @domesticsluts. Hosted by @andybargey.

They seemed to confirm my move from blogger to wordpress was a smart one.

The former simply couldn’t contain my talents.

I probably shouldn’t nick peoples photos but some of my shine is bound to rub off on them, so can they really complain?

Here are my golden rules of blogging for pets…

1) Employ monkey with opposable thumbs to operate keys (@albiestar).

2) Be quite the man about town.

3) HaveĀ pertenantĀ and pithy things to say about world events.

4) Don’t be a dog. That’s my thing.

5) Your wasting your time… you can’t compete.



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