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If you like watching car crashes…


Youve come to the right place.


This evening is called: 'Saturday Soapbox.'

It is at the Poetry Cafe.

It is poetry and comedy.

It is three pounds.

And for that you get insulted for free.

Usually the boy wonder gets bullied at these events but he was looking suitably depressed and aloof to deflect.

Heres a boo….


You can literally stand up in London and do anything or nothing and people will watch.

Heres a boo…

You had to be there.






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Ooooooooo. Actually the Woman in Black is a very funny film to watch with a lot of people.

I would particularly recommend watching it in @cineworld #woodgreen.

People were calling out and talking to each other. It was quite special.

First a mans phone went off and he said “so sorry” very loud then someone called out “it’s okay” and then the man said “am I forgiven” and we all went “yes.”

It was interactive. You had to be there.

Anyway the film…

Harry potter is great at looking shit scared yet determined but the unsung heros are the supporting cast of dogs. One in a heroic lassieesque role and a couple as freaky child substitute…

Beautifully played.

It was funny again when someone called out at the end “oh… Thank god for that.”

No, it is scary, honest, Colin still hasn’t come out from behind his hands…



 cineworld wood green

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