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Heres a very nice place.

Its in Brixton.

The sunshine international arts cafe.

And thats what it is/does.

They do wonderful food and wonderful crafts at wonderful prices.

Its good to create and eat.

Especially with nice people.


Harley xx





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They thought had no milk in the chess cafe (a cafe!) which was the first panic of the day.

Its ok.

#Turnsout They did.

Games are good for meeting people when u are lonely…

Next week.

Plan D: Bridge…


What goes well with chess?

Large scale holborn sorting office based installation art.

Now we like art in odd places as much as the next blogging staffy.

But this…

(like my owner)…

Was too much.


Some words… Must i…

no fanny, no boobs, popartpopartheseemstolikepopart, touristy, graffitti, phone box, david bowie, no cock.


As youll see from our social media we sashayed to Richmond.

No better place for when its sunny.

The boy wonder had to remove a dead bird from my mouth.

That was funny.







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If you like watching car crashes…


Youve come to the right place.


This evening is called: 'Saturday Soapbox.'

It is at the Poetry Cafe.

It is poetry and comedy.

It is three pounds.

And for that you get insulted for free.

Usually the boy wonder gets bullied at these events but he was looking suitably depressed and aloof to deflect.

Heres a boo….


You can literally stand up in London and do anything or nothing and people will watch.

Heres a boo…

You had to be there.






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Art again.

This time off to our personal little calm nirvana. Nothing shattered here.

Bank holiday blues busting @

Tate Britain.

As well as the cafe and shop we wanted to see….

Patrick Keiller thing.

It took a while for us to realise what its all about.

Its about his almost random meanderings around England, the films he took and artists responses to them.

Ok well we like #randommeanderings here @thedogwhatblogs.

The whole thing was very interest tickling anyway. The range of artists gave us plenty of things to wikipedia and blog (http://goetherocks.blogspot.com… Turning into a book dontcha know…)

And the diversity of it all made our eyes very happy.

Which is good.

And its free.

Which is good.


The boy wonder @albiestar had an expresso. Cos he’s not wired enough…

Quality eavesdropping in the members room too.

Tate members are our favourite group of people for this.

Audioboo overload.


When in Rome…

We toddled round the Picasso again. 15 minutes: we had it licked.

What struck us this time… (are u ready for art insight…) is the strength of the link between Henry Moore and Picasso.

We like blobs @thedogwhatblogs.

And u thought Staffordshire Bull Terriers were mean and unsophisticated…




PS this jubilee lark eh? Im a cavalier whilst albiestar is a roundhead… But we both think it is “Literally the biggest load of hyperbole in the world… Ever!!” TM


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