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I went to a zoo.
I was torn in two.

I had to write a haiku.

You see animals
You don’t see in the wild.
Here you see their tears.

Then I realised perhaps it’s not feasible to deal with such a complex issue in so few syllables.

Oh well. Too late.


Martin x

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“No railroad for me, young man, no girl for you.”

A town founded on love.
Aiken, South Carolina.
Some words: Beautiful azaleas, hope diamonds, chamelias, Vandervilts, yellow roses, Astors, southern magnolias, the duke and duchess of Windsor, diadora cedars, FDRs wifes social secretary, easy and whisky, “Smells sooo sweet,” Pecans (pecaans?), polo, resurrection ferns, bicycle polo, Fred Astaire’s wife’s aunt , silks, silver, beautiful azaleas, horses, wisteria, blue peter, yellow Jasmine (the state flower), sandy on a clay bottom.
Founded on love.
Martin x
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Boxing Day.

Il be honest.

Do xmas again with extra relatives, have an extra argument and then feel a mini depression work wave hit.

In some countries… You dont get that joy.

But maybe a lingering festiveness that can just about carry you to the new year.


Lights are the business at xmas. And if by chance you are in the state of South Carolina go to Aiken 's Hopelands Gardens.

Is there anything nicer than light lined pathways amidst light sculptures?

Is there anything nicer than free?

Is there anything nicer than free cider?

Is there anything nicer than free cookies? (Biscuits)

Except you probably cant because you are probably in the uk so this is a bit pointless.

Oh well.

I had a nice time.

Later: more stuff you cant do.


Martin x


Thats me with Rej. Tho im in America. Confusing…


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