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I went to a zoo.
I was torn in two.

I had to write a haiku.

You see animals
You don’t see in the wild.
Here you see their tears.

Then I realised perhaps it’s not feasible to deal with such a complex issue in so few syllables.

Oh well. Too late.


Martin x

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“No railroad for me, young man, no girl for you.”

A town founded on love.
Aiken, South Carolina.
Some words: Beautiful azaleas, hope diamonds, chamelias, Vandervilts, yellow roses, Astors, southern magnolias, the duke and duchess of Windsor, diadora cedars, FDRs wifes social secretary, easy and whisky, “Smells sooo sweet,” Pecans (pecaans?), polo, resurrection ferns, bicycle polo, Fred Astaire’s wife’s aunt , silks, silver, beautiful azaleas, horses, wisteria, blue peter, yellow Jasmine (the state flower), sandy on a clay bottom.
Founded on love.
Martin x
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See, you can’t really see in those pictures.



You have to be there. 


Martin x

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Can’t. Stop. Taking. Photos. Must. Look. Thru. Actual. Eyes.


New York City.


We couldn’t be bothered with Bjork.


There was a queue.


Some words: Van Gogh, neon, radios, stick men, Matisse, eyes, Picasso, cloudy eyes, primary colours, Klimt, Black and White, puddle, Klee, dots, not Bjork, wires, Man Ray, boats, feathers, violins, forever, now, Seurat, starry, starry, night…


“Do you wanna a selfie? Coz some people love a selfie… I dunno.”

“Two feet! Two feet! Get back two feet!”


“Do you know what that is…

…That’s people enjoying art.”


Martin x

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Don’t you like it when your walking.

And there’s a beach.

And your on holiday.

And it’s kind of hot in the sunshine.

But kind of bracing with with the wind.

And there’s a lovely girl there.


Martin x


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Hypothesis: noone likes sprouts and everyone likes coke. Discuss.


Pile it on. Pile on the schmultz. Come on pile it on.

Actually a seriously quality museum affordably priced.

They can have that quote. In return for free coke.

@worldofcoke #atlanta #georgia.

You see its like a tennerish and theres a good three hours interesting stuff.

Then you can be tired and feel like youve done something and go to a more scary than expected mc donalds.

4D cinemas are cool. The fourth d is a gentle spray and a wobbly seat.

Whats q incredible is a big room where u get to try 50 odd coke products from around the world.

Glory be.

So thats ten pounds, free coke, redefining the dimensional laws of physics and a feeling of 'cool.'


Now wheres my coke, Coke?

Martin x


At least stars burn out brightly


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Boxing Day.

Il be honest.

Do xmas again with extra relatives, have an extra argument and then feel a mini depression work wave hit.

In some countries… You dont get that joy.

But maybe a lingering festiveness that can just about carry you to the new year.


Lights are the business at xmas. And if by chance you are in the state of South Carolina go to Aiken 's Hopelands Gardens.

Is there anything nicer than light lined pathways amidst light sculptures?

Is there anything nicer than free?

Is there anything nicer than free cider?

Is there anything nicer than free cookies? (Biscuits)

Except you probably cant because you are probably in the uk so this is a bit pointless.

Oh well.

I had a nice time.

Later: more stuff you cant do.


Martin x


Thats me with Rej. Tho im in America. Confusing…


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The Photographer’s Gallery has reopened.

We went.

We like that its down a little alley off Oxford Street.

I like the smell of galleries. Boxfresh.

We like free.

They have an exhibition called oil.

By a man called Edward Burtynsky.

Behold a series of nice big pix about not nice oil and its life cycle.

Some words: striking, black, repetition (we like repetition), Azerbaijan, tires, cans, aeroplanes, no cock, no fanny, death, carcasses, awe, pipes, lines, disaster, ohhhh america, scale, vast, devastating horror, pollution, scum.

Eat your heart out time out.

What we liked more than all those words though was another exhibition from a collective called Raq’s Media Collective.

Indian folk.

a) a photo that faded in and out with a moving element. Fun for 5 minutes.

b) We LOVVVVVVED this… ’37 Planes of Emotion.’

Cue @thedogwhatblogs #underselling/#youhavetobethere…

Rectangles of perspex with coloured edges and collection nouns.

“A whimsical comment on the image.”

I guess you’ll have to go…




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