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Harley is knackered so hes left me to write this one.

I am under strict instructions to “keep it highbrow.”

We just wanted to say that parks are free and great and Crystal Palace actually has some bits of stuff.

1) a maze we were initially dismissive of but then frustrated by. It took 30minutes. I said things like: “We havnt come for this weve come come for the dinosaurs.”

The sound of another dog added to the thrill at every corner like a minotaur (“highbrow”).

Harley said things like: “I will eat that dog. South london pansy.”

Giddy thrills.

2) yes dinosaurs which are actually pretty impressive. Dinosaurs that embrace smart phones! You can get a little audio where some actors pretend to be Darwin and co.

It was a bit fiddly. And the acting laboured.

Sorry Harley is usually funnier,




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